Sunset Over Paddy Fields Bali

A glorious sunset over rice fields in rural Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is a most beautiful place. I've found the island to be very photogenic, full of great landscape locations and interesting temples. A trip up into the hills will allow you to find a whole range of picturesque rural locations, such as this paddy field photographed around sunset.

I made the image on the way back from a day exploring a variety of temples and rice terraces in the islands hill country. Just as mist was rising in the distance a break in the cloud cover allowed enough light to penetrate through to the dimly lit water and background fields . Additional adjustments in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop helped to further improve brightness on land and water.

Of course the only way to make such photographs is to be out there with your camera at hand. While it's not essential to travel the world, it is important to be out and about at the best times of day for landscape photography. It's a matter of fitting it into your lifestyle, to make it habitual.

Photographing Sunsets and Beyond

If sunrises are too difficult to witness regularly, try to ensure you can be at an appropriate location to photograph a sunset at least once a week. You'll find it worthwhile to be at the location, ready to go, from around an hour before sunset. Ideally you'll also be prepared to wait for the afterglow, which can occur up to 40 minutes after the sun sets.

Of course personal safety has to be considered when hanging around to photograph the afterglow. You'll likely be heading back to your car in the dark, so a head lamp and a warm top is also a good idea.

Don't Under Estimate The Value Of Photography 

The joy and connection you'll experience when subject matter, light and good technique come together will be both immediate and profound. Sharing the best of your results with the wider world will only enhance that experience.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru