Creative Photography: Find Your Way Back

Huge wildflowers in a lush green forest on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

It’s been my experience that, despite all manner of obstacles that come our way, creative photography is the way back to a meaning rich and purpose driven life.

This was just the experience that lead me to Bali to recover health and renew energy at the end of a difficult journey.

Getting Sick In India

At one stage it was looking like I must have been about the only Australian who hadn't visited Bali.

I ended up going there on a bit of a whim as I was in need of a rest after a fascinating but difficult few months traveling through Asia.

Not for the first time I got very sick in India.

I was nearing the end of a long trip through China, India and Thailand, but didn’t want to end it in a negative frame of mind.

After a few days in Thailand, where I received help from a doctor specializing in tropical stomach diseases, I continued onto Bali for some rest and recuperation.

Verdant green terraced rice fields surround this farmer's shelter on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Bali | Finding Peace and Renewal in Nature

I knew I wouldn't be interested in the hustle and bustle of the capital, Denpasar, or the chaos of Kuta.

I had heard about Ubud numerous times over the years and decided to check it out. I was not disappointed by this lovely hill town, famous for its art.

I stayed at a lovely small hotel, Legane Villas, where I was extremely well looked after by wonderful staff and within a few days was beginning to feel much, much better.

Wildflowers and Creativity in Bali, Indonesia

I spent the last couple of days of my stay touring around the island. The photo at the top of this post features some wildflowers set amongst surrounding greenery.

It's not my best picture from Bali, but it was the one that got me going again and, within an hour or so, I’d worked my way back to creative photography.

You have to start somewhere and there’s nothing wrong with an occasional creative reset.

Have You Lost Contact With Your Creative Self?

Whenever you’re struggling to produce creative photography my advice is to do the following:

  • Get out and about

  • Move your feet

  • Breathe the air

  • Enjoy the light

Other things that can help, particularly if the weather’s really bad, are watching beautifully crafted films, particularly if they bring a tear to the eye, and looking at art.

Books and music are great, but visiting a significant gallery and experiencing the beauty of one of the Masters is hard to beat. 

If you’re in a small town without a major art gallery, and you know you won’t be happy staying inside, then I suggest taking a walk around town or, even better, in nature.

I don’t think anything beats being in the landscape and, after all, it could be where you make your best photos.

Stay well, stay happy and stay engaged.

More than anything I wish you well with your own creative photography endeavors.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru