What is the Travel Photography Guru Site?

Welcome to the About page for the Travel Photography Guru website and blog with information on travel photographer Glenn Guy.

Based in Melbourne, Australia this is an educational site for those souls with a passion for photography and a desire to both explore and share the beauty of our natural world and its people.

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, photographed at Montsalvat, an artists' retreat in Melbourne, Australia

A self portrait of Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, in the village of Nordragota in the Faroe Islands.

Glenn Guy, photographer and owner of the Travel Photography Guru website and blog, holding a python at a zoo in Bali, Indonesia.

Who is Glenn Guy?

I am a photographer and educator with 30 years industry experience that includes:


  • Proprietor Wedding/Portrait studio

  • Newspaper photographer

  • Technical Specialist and Product Manager, Kodak (Australasia) Pty Ltd

  • Contributor to Australian Photography magazine

  • Tertiary level photography teacher

  • Photography Workshop Facilitator

  • Film Stills


  • Primary author and publisher, Travel Photography Guru website and blog

  • Travel and Documentary Photographer

  • Tutor, Private Photography Courses (Melbourne, Australia)

  • Level 40 Master at The Arcanum

  • Photography Tour Leader

  • e-Book author and publisher

Glenn Guy's Formal Education Qualifications

  • Master of Arts (Photography) RMIT, Melbourne

  • Graduate Diploma of Art (Photography) RMIT, Melbourne

  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) PIT, Bundoora

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, at his Moments Of Transition exhibition at Quadrant Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.

Exhibition Highlights

  • Finalist Felix H. Mann Award for Documentary Photography, National Gallery of Victoria

  • Leica Award for Landscape Photography, Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

  • Landscape Photographer of the Year, 2002, Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Victorian Division

Film and TV

I've enjoyed working as a stills photographer for film and TV including Fish Out Of Water, a documentary on the environment for Foxtel staring former Olympian and World Champion swimmer Ian Thorpe, and the Australian motion picture film Summer Coda.   

Commercial Assignments

Over the years I've completed a range of commercial assignments for clients including Kodak (Australasia) Pty. Ltd., National Australia Bank and Australia Post. 

Print Collection

You'll enjoy viewing my special photography collections. However, nothing beats the experience of gazing at a large, framed print on a wall in your home or office. I produce a range of portfolio standard prints which are collected at both a private and corporate level. 

For further information on purchasing prints directly from this site feel free to Contact Glenn directly. 

A photo of Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, on top of a hill above Paradise Harbour in Antarctica.

Glenn Guy - Photography Expeditions

Photography has taken me to the following countries:

  • China and Tibet

  • India, Nepal and Sri Lanka

  • Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • Argentina, South Georgia Island, Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula

  • Russia, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark and Germany

  • Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Glenn Guy - Author and Publisher

A range of eBooks and online photography courses will soon be available from this site. They have been a labor of love and something I'm really excited about.

This photo, made on my mum's nature strip during Christmas 2008, includes the members of the extended family who made it back to mum's for the celebrations. Sadly, as the photographer, I'm usually on the other side of the lens.

This photo, made on my mum's nature strip during Christmas 2008, includes the members of the extended family who made it back to mum's for the celebrations. Sadly, as the photographer, I'm usually on the other side of the lens.

My First Great Love

My mother Mary Guy remains the great love of my life.

Have you ever heard the line, "Work hard and be good to your mother." Perhaps it's some of the best advice a young man or woman may ever be given.

And to be true to that advice is of critical importance. While we can always do more, we need to be content in the knowledge that we've done, and continue to do, enough.

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, being interviewed for a documentary on the band The Swinging Hi-tones

The Beat Remains Strong

During my late teens and early twenties I played in a number of rock, pop and surf bands. The first of those bands, Taxi, has always been the most important.

My old school friend, who I've known since grade prep, Tony 'Bert' Lambert and I joined singer/guitarist/songwriter Rod Knights and drummer Darryl Smith and, with the inclusion of lead guitarist Russell Bateman, began our two-year stint together. 

The other band that I remember most fondly is the instrumental surf band The Swingin' Hi-Tones.

I joined the band quite late, yet am so happy to have been involved in the recording of their seminal album The Fabulous Surfing Sound of The Swingin' Hi-Tones.

The boys and I have reunited over recent years for a few gigs and to record a new vinyl EP released in 2014.

I created a new website to revive old Hi-Tones memories, together with other bands from the Thong n' Dance label, and bring the band's sound to a new audience.

Just when I thought my days playing guitar were long gone I was invited to join a Melbourne based band Murder Of Crows.

Our song list included rock, pop, blues, gospel and country. We played in Melbourne and around the state and it was a lot of fun.

However, while it's possible to be good at a lot of things, it's almost impossible to be a master of more than one. I left Murder Of Crows in December 2016 to concentrate on building the Travel Photography Guru online brand.

I have no regrets as it was absolutely the right decision for me.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru, lighting the way as co-tutor on a photography tour to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and Antarctica.

Glenn Guy - Educator

Over the years I've worked hard to develop a straightforward and easy to understand teaching style. As a result I've established myself as a popular and effective tutor.

My desire to share my knowledge and experience, with an ever-wider audience, has resulted in a range of educational products, soon to be available through this site.

A variety of private and small group classes can be organized by Contacting Glenn directly. Practically based workshops and speciality photography tours are announced, on this site, at regular intervals.

I'd love you to join our growing community of like-minded folk eagerly exploring their passion for photography.

We achieve our goals by interacting with a wide range of people and immersing ourselves into cultures and landscapes throughout our most beautiful world.

Please feel free to follow me via one or more of the social media links listed on the side of this page.

There's so much inspirational content for you on this site. My blog is usually updated several times a week and a photography podcast will be released during September 2019.

I'd recommend that you bookmark my blog and podcast and return to this site on an ongoing basis.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru