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A candid image of a  merchant pouring a cup of tea  from a  green jug  in front of his establishment in  Kolkata, India .

Unhappy with the photos you're making?

Lost confidence using your camera?

Planning an adventure?

Glenn Guy , the  Travel Photography Guru , with a metal photographer figurine purchased in  Buenos Aires, Argentina .
Glenn Guy   , the    Travel Photography Guru   , at his    Moments Of Transition    exhibition at    Quadrant Gallery    in Melbourne, Australia.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

Let me help you along your own creative journey through the production of beautiful, life affirming photos.


Learn Photography and Enhance Your Life's Journey

  • Are you searching for deeper levels of experience in your life?

  • Do you love photography, but are frustrated by what your camera produces?

Here's some simple, yet profound revelations from my own creative journey.

Your Camera Photographs Both Ways

When your camera serves your needs it's not just recording what you see, it's acting as a means of expression by which you explore how you feel about what you see.

Your camera has become a physical barrier separating you
from the deeper level of experience you seek.

Yet your heart cries out for connection and for a
purpose driven, meaning rich life.

It’s time you made a change.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

Cameras Do not Make Photos, People Do

Your camera is a tool. Granted it's a sophisticated and expensive tool but, at the end of the day, it's designed to function as a recording device by which memories of people, places and events can be preserved. What exactly your camera records, and how well it does so, is up to you.

Photography becomes art when it becomes personal. They are, after all, your photos and, as such, need to explore your own, unique view of the world around you and the connections you form with the people, objects, places and events you encounter during your life's journey.  

Photography is the way by which I connect with the sublime
that exists on the edge of our normal, everyday experience.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

I'm So Happy You Found Me

I'm here to help you gain control of the machine (i.e., your camera) so that it will serve its purpose, which will allow you to get on with realizing your own.

Once you understand the fundamentals of photography you'll no longer fear your camera.

Finally, you'll be able to travel along your very own creative path with confidence in the knowledge that your camera has become a passport into worlds and lives beyond your normal everyday experience.

Join me and together we'll do our bit to Heal the World, One Photo at a Time.

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