Photographing A Beautiful Granny In Bali, Indonesia


The gift of curiosity from a lovely, elderly woman near the town of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia.


The making of this portrait of an elderly lady near the hill town of Ubud in Bali was a great experience indeed. 

Approaching Strangers

With no common language I simply smiled and gestured with my camera as a way of asking permission to make her picture. She seemed quite intrigued by the idea, as you can see by the studied look on her face. What she thought of me is anyone's guess.

A Great Choice for Black and White

The range of tones from deep black, through midtowns and right up to near white made this a standout image for conversion into black-and-white.

Crafting the Composition

I positioned this dear lady in front of the open doorway to emphasize the shape of her head and the contrast between her mid tone skin and very light hair color.

While the process of making the original photo was completed within a few minutes, I felt confident I'd started the day well with a memorable interaction and by making a strong image.

Image processing was originally conducted in Adobe Lightroom where, in addition to conversion to black-and-white, a subtle range of colors was added to the image to enhance emotional impact. I’ve just finished reprocessing the image, this time with a more comprehensive approach in Photoshop. I'm really happy with the extra subtleties of tone and textural that have resulted.