Best Travel Insurance And What You Need To Know

The wild beauty of Greenland seen through my plane window just before landing in Ilulissat, Greenland.

My own view is that it's crazy to travel without Travel Insurance. And that's particularly the case when you're traveling overseas and your travels includes taking one or more flights.

How do you feel when you hear of airplanes experiencing technical problems in flight? It's scary, there's no doubt about it. And our news channels make the most of it.

The reality is that, given the number of people that fly on any given day and the number of planes in the air, air travel is extremely safe.

But things can still go wrong.

They Lost My Bags | God! What Can I Do?

Flights can be significantly delayed, resulting in all manner of difficulties for the following

  • Your onward connections

  • Hotel accommodation

  • Tour commencement

Whether your flight arrives on time or not, there's the issue of lost or damaged luggage.

Having experienced both lost and damaged luggage I can testify that it does happen and, regardless of how well you're treated by airline staff, it's a hassle, particularly when it occurs while you're overseas.

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Travel Insurance | You Need It When You Get Sick

You never know what could happen and most standard health insurance plans don’t cover you when you’re traveling.

Whether we're talking illness or injury, comprehensive travel insurance from a quality provider can get you back on the road, or get you home again, without significantly impacting your own pocket.

Deep snow and encroaching mist almost hide a path, clinging to the side of the mountain, on Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain) in China in the middle of winter.

What You Need From Great Travel Insurance  

In simple terms here’s what a really great travel insurance policy should cover you for.

- Medical expenses
- When you're sick and you need to see a doctor
- When time and/or the remoteness of your location require extraction via helicopter
- Cover for electronic devices that break or are stolen
- Trip cancellation

That's me, Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, pictured with camper van while on tour in Iceland.

Get Travel Insurance And Value The Peace Of Mind

In addition to the above your plan needs to be affordable and offer you peace of mind. Clearly, you still need to take care when you're traveling, but you can enjoy your trip in the knowledge that, if something were to go wrong, your travel insurance will be there to support you and help get you out of trouble.

Travel Insurance Just Has To Be Easy

It's essential that the travel insurance you sign up for has to be easy to purchase and renew online. This makes it much easier to do so if you're traveling regularly or for an extended period of time.

This photo was made, while sheltering in my car from heavy rain and gale force winds, in the town of Vidareidi, the northernmost settlement in the Faroe Islands.

Travel Insurance Danger | Why Risk Your Safety?

I'd be careful about trying to save a few dollars by deciding not to purchase Travel Insurance. Given the significant amount of money that I'm investing in my own travels I feel it's false economy to try and save a few bucks on insurance.

When I travel I want to have fun and not be overly worried every time I jump into a local taxi, take a boat trip to explore an offshore island or visit a deserted temple complex in the jungle.

World Nomad Is The Travel Insurance I Trust

I purchase World Nomads for my own travel insurance, whether I'm traveling for business or pleasure. Here's why I recommend Travel Nomads.

- I use them myself and benefit from the peace of mind their policy provides me
- They offer a great and affordable product
- World Nomads back up their product with excellent customer service

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