A candid image of a  merchant pouring a cup of tea  from a  green jug  in front of his establishment in  Kolkata, India .
  • Unhappy with your photos?

  • No confidence in your camera

  • Planning an adventure?

Glenn Guy   , the    Travel Photography Guru   , at his    Moments Of Transition    exhibition at    Quadrant Gallery    in Melbourne, Australia.

Let me help you along your own creative journey through the production of beautiful, life affirming photos.


Photography Course Melbourne


Whatever the weather Salzburg is a beautiful destination and a wonderful place to explore on foot. This photo showcases a pool, in the beautifully designed gardens at Hellbrunn Palace, where trees, grass and the colors green and yellow dominate. How you use your camera’s zoom lens allows you to explore space and depth or, alternatively, to produce a more two dimensional representation of the scene depicted.


A photography course in Melbourne is just what you need.

  • Are you searching for deeper levels of experience in your life?

  • Do you love photography, but are frustrated by what your camera produces?

I’m Glenn Guy a travel photographer and tutor with 40 years industry experience. I run 3 Hour private and small group camera tuition and photography classes in Melbourne, Australia.

Photography Course Melbourne

Photography Course Melbourne

3 Hour Duration


If you’re wondering why a private, one-to-one photography training session is what’s right for you these simple, yet profound revelations from my own creative journey may prove helpful.


I photographed this worker in the grounds of the lovely Botanical Gardens in Kolkata, India. The environmental portrait is a wonderful way to tell a story in a single image.


How to Approach a Photography Short Course

A guiding principal that underpins my own approach to facilitating a great photography short course is that it’s people that make photos, not cameras.

Cameras are tools. Granted, your camera is an expensive and sophisticated tool. However, at the end of the day, your camera is a recording device that preserves memories of the people, places and events along your journey in life.

What you photograph and how good your photos are is dependent upon your own decisions, expertise and life experience.

That’s why putting an expensive camera into the hands of a relative novice is a disaster waiting to happen. Making great photos goes way beyond the camera you own.

Photography Course to Take Control Back From the Machine

Most people struggle to reach their creative potential for years, only to be defeated by the machine they’d spent so much money on but just can’t use.

The good news is I’m here to help put you back on the road you were meant to travel.

The philosophy that underpins my approach to running this camera based photography course is to help you take control back from the machine.

Sure we talk about shutter speeds, apertures, iso and the like. But it’s why and how those subjects are covered that makes this the very best photography short course in Melbourne.


This black and white image of a rice paddy in Bali, Indonesia draws attention to the compositional elements of the scene, particularly line, texture and contrast.


Photography Classes in Melbourne - Is Your Photography Art?

Photography becomes art when it becomes personal.

To hold meaning your photos need to explore your own unique view of the world and the connections you form through the myriad of experiences that make up your life.  

Your camera has become a physical barrier separating you
from the deeper level of experience you seek.

Yet your heart cries out for connection and for a
purpose driven, meaning rich life.

It’s time you made a change.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

A classic street scene featuring a street performer and an elderly passerby in the San Telmo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Black and white photography is the great equaliser, often removing the subject/s from a particular time and place.


Your Camera Photographs Both Ways

When your camera serves your needs it's not just recording what you see, it's acting as a means of expression by which you explore how you feel about what you see.

Photography is the way by which I connect with the sublime
that exists on the edge of our normal, everyday experience.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

A fast moving river cascades over rocks near Milford Sound, New Zealand. Sharpness and movement existing, simultaneously, in a photograph embues the image with a sense of mystery and timelessness.


Photography Course Like No Other

I’m so happy you found me. I'm here to help you gain control back from the machine we call a camera.

Finally you can explore your creativity through the production of beautiful, life affirming images that document your very own journey through life.

Why is this Photography Course so Special?

The photography courses I run are special because they’re designed around three fundamental principals.

  • Your own, specific needs

  • Your own camera

  • A private, one-to-one experience that’s conducted at a pace with which you’re comfortable

Unlike typical classroom based photography short courses in Melbourne you won’t have to filter out information that’s not relevant to your needs.

Everything covered in your tailor made photography course will be based around what it is you want to learn and any photography projects or travels you’re about to undertake.


A lone iceberg, having broken off the Breiòamerkurjökull Glacier, skims across the surface of the water on Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on it's way to the sea off the southern coast of Iceland. Use your camera to control movement and, thereby, feeling is a great skill worth exploring.


Beginners Photography Course

Whether you’re considering a beginners photography course or one or more advanced photography classes I’II be tailoring the content specifically to your needs.

The good news is that a large proportion of your photography course will be practical.

That ensures you’ll leave the session confident in the techniques learned and eager to continue to explore your creative abilities.

Part of the booking process is a telephone consultation where I find out exactly what it is that needs to be covered. For example:

  • Are you about to travel? If so, where and when?

  • What do you most want to photograph?

  • What is there about the photos you make that you want to improve?

  • Are there any specific techniques you’d like covered in your photography training session?

Once you understand the fundamentals of photography you'll no longer fear your camera. You’ll be amazed at the creative opportunities that will follow on from this beginners photography course.

Finally you’ll be able to roam free and create meaning rich photos that realize your true creative potential.

Melbourne Photography Course with Glenn Guy

Photography Course in Melbourne

3 Hour Duration


Your Camera is a Passport

After completing one of my tailored made photography classes you'll be able to travel along your very own creative path with confidence in the knowledge that your camera is a passport into life beyond your normal, everyday experience.

Heal the World, One Photo at a Time.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

An image of the Madonna shedding tears at La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The image hints at the ever encroaching urban sprawl in the background of this beautiful and historic cemetery.


the Best Photography Classes in Melbourne

Private tuition means all the content covered is based upon your own needs and the camera you use.

This approach allows us to dive deep while keeping the information completely relevant.

What’s more you’ll get to where you need to be so much quicker than you would in a formal, classroom based photography course.

What about the stake knives?

My time is your time. I’II do my very best to ensure your personalized photography course will be conducted at a time that best fits your schedule.

I run these sessions on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

Learn Photography and Enhance Life’s Journey

I’ve been working in the photography industry for 40 years. During that time I’ve helped literally thousands of people overcome all manner of technical difficulties on their way to discovering their very own, unique creative self through the photos they make.

It will be my privilege, as an experienced travel photographer and dedicated photography tutor, to help you master your camera and make beautiful photos with confidence.

Make sure you reach out and take advantage of my private 3-hour Photography Course in Melbourne.

I very much look forward to working with you soon.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

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