Photographing Friends, Bali

Two young boys, very much enjoying a moment of mirth, at a local band practice near Ubud, Bali.

I meet these two beautiful boys in a village in Bali. They were dressed up for a celebration in which they participated as members in a traditional band.

Subject or Theme 

They were buddies and I wanted to record the close nature of their friendship.

Being a child at heart, I have no problem relating to kids. Hopefully that shows in their relaxed and candid response to my jibes.

Framing and Composition

While I did make photos that focused attention on individual kids within the larger group, this particular photo required a quite different approach.

As the photo was all about their relationship I decided to move in nice and close and frame out what would otherwise have been a distracting background.

Timing Tells

It was then a matter of timing to record the exact moment when gesture and expression come together to produce the desired result.

Naturally it's essential to get your exposure, focus and composition set before you do or say what's required to obtain the expression you're looking for. Can you imagine missing such a moment in time simply because you'd elicited the ideal response prior to getting your camera set correctly? Yikes! 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru