What's Your Definition of a Landscape Photo

Rice field irrigation in rural Bali, Indonesia

What’s your definition of landscape and what kind of landscape photography do you prefer?

Many find solace and affinity with nature in the natural landscape. Some folks are attracted to the artifice in historical structures like churches and palaces, while others find beauty in the symmetry and sharp lines within contemporary architecture and urban landscapes.

Sometimes the most interesting landscapes explore the interaction between the man made and nature world. A classic French garden, such as the one at Versailles, is an example. As is the above photo which showcases the irrigation system on a Balinese farm. It’s a very structured and highly cultivated landscape, which has its own, unique beauty.

The lines, shapes and textures within this image means it would have worked quite well as a black and white photo. But it was the blue light from an approaching storm and the reflection of a blue sky, in the water in the near foreground, that swayed my decision to work with the color file. 

There’s also just enough yellow in this photo to provide a nice color contrast with the before mentioned areas of blue that help produce an interesting result.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru