What Are Your Photos About?

Visitors exploring an amazing space within the Louvre museum in Paris, France. This image explores light, tone and shape to help tell the story.

What is this photo about? Well, it was taken in a beautiful courtyard at the Louvre in Paris, France. The subject matter, as you can see, consists of a beautiful stone courtyard, statues and people. But, from my point of view, the photo is about something else entirely than those individual elements scattered throughout the frame.

Exploration of Space and Depth

The above photo is, firstly, an exploration of space and depth, evident through the foreground, mid ground and background elements within the frame. They help you take the journey, from front to back, and help overcome the problem of recording our 3-dimensional world into the bounds of the 2-dimensional photographic frame.

Similarities and Differences

Regular visitors to this site will know that my photography often explores my fascination with dualities (i.e. opposites). In the case of the above photo it's interesting to contrast the tonal (i.e., light and dark) differences throughout the frame. Likewise sunlit versus shaded areas, smooth versus textured and the relationship between the elevated statues and their contemporary human counterparts provide a variety of ways of thinking about the photo. What's more it's also interesting to compare the rectangular shapes of the stone bricks compared to the arch-shaped windows and the circular plaques on the wall.

Central to the success of this photo is the ability to reveal as much information as possible. A large depth of field, careful exposure and image processing has maintained the range of tonalities and shapes within the scene while retaining important highlight texture and shadow details.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru