Photography Allows Us To Record And To Remember

A spectacular sunset, after sinking just below the horizon, produces an amazing afterglow as it illuminates low lying clouds and a small lake on a farm in Southern Iceland.

I love travel and I love photography, and it's great that I've been able to marry these two passions together in my search for a purpose-driven, meaning-rich life.

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I have indeed been fortunate witnessing and photographing calving glaciers, mass concentrations of people and wildlife, extraordinarily beautiful landscapes, grand palaces and museums, charming medieval towns, quiet country roads, picturesque farmhouses, evocative graveyards and a wide range of fascinating people.

I've photographed under all manner of weather and light and I'm always looking forward to the next adventure. But that's only half of what I'm about. The purpose of this blog and the Travel Photography Guru website is to share these images, and the lessons learned in making them, with an ever wider audience.

Mountain Crossing, Highlands, Iceland

About To Travel?


It's my hope that a little of that sublime magic I've experienced along the way will find its way into your own life and inspire you to undertake your own photography projects, whether at home or abroad. In doing so, your own connection to the beauty of our world and its people can only be enhanced.

The above photo was made during my first trip to Iceland when I drove all the way around this breathtakingly beautiful country. I remember this sunset well, as it occurred on my first night driving along Highway 1.

A distant sheep shelter in an extremely lush, well watered pasture in rural Iceland.

The Creative Mind Is An Open Mind

It's interesting what thoughts pass through ones mind, along with the urgent considerations relating to actually making the photograph, when confronted by such spectacular scenery. At such times I don't feel so much apart from nature, more a part of it.

I believe it’s in such moments of deep connection that we’re able to link with the ultimate mystery and, in doing so, we begin to discover our own true selves.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru
Church on Hilltop, Iceland

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It's also interesting how, as we get older, loss becomes one of the dominant themes in our lives.

There have been numerous times in my life, when witnessing events such as the sunset at the top of this post, that I've thought of my parents. My father passed a number of years ago and my mother recently turned 91.

This post is dedicated to my parents, Fred Guy OAM (dec) and Mary Guy OAM.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru