Photographing Eagle Rock, Great Ocean Road, Australia

Eagle Rock in the town of Aireys Inlet along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

This image was made in the township of Aireys Inlet along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The central element in the image is Eagle Rock a local landmark just off shore from the even more famous Split Point Lighthouse.

I used to dream about owning a holiday house in the area, so it's particularly pleasing to have made this image.

While Eagle Rock is the main focal point in the image, I also like the contrast between the dramatic sky and the sombre deep tones of the water and foreground bushes.

I utilized a slow shutter speed of 20 seconds to create the smooth, velvet texture in the water.

The image was made way back in 2009 with an original model Canon 5D camera and a Canon 24mm f/1.4 L series USM lens.

Practical experience indicated that noise was likely to become visible, with the camera in question, when exposure times exceeded 30 seconds.

I opted for a warm tone black and white rendering. In this case it’s a mix of sepia and olive tones. I hope you like it.

Red light illuminates the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

Photographing Split Point Lighthouse At Night

I photographed the nearby Split Point Lighthouse on another journey to Aireys Inlet along the Great Ocean Road.

I was running a landscape photography workshop and, following a sunset session, a few of the group agree to stay on with me for an impromptu night photography session.

It was cold, but a lot of fun.

I remember asking one of the participants to hold down the break pedal on my car to illuminate the lighthouse while I made the photo.

Of course that was after I'd done the same for them.

It’s a great example of how interesting photography can be when your primary motivation is fun.

Being prepared to accept physical discomfort, a willingness to experiment and, in this case, a cooperative approach underpins the success of this photo.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru