Notre Dame Cathedral and La Seine

A sunny day view of Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine in Paris, France.

La Seine | The River Seine

La Seine winds its way through northern France, and the great city of Paris, along its 776 km (i.e., 482 mile) long journey to the English Channel at Le Havre.

An important commercial artery the banks of La Seine were added by UNESCO to its list of World Heritage Sites in Europe in 1991.

La Seine | A Dark History

The river has a colorful and somewhat tragic past. It's long been known as a place for suicides and also as a place to dump murdered corpses.

Not quite what the casual tourists expects!

At night the river is particularly beautiful and remains a highlight for many folks touring the city.

Your view from the river will include many of the cities most stunning monuments, historic buildings and ornate bridges including the following:

The above photo includes both the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral and La Seine.

It was made in summer with the benefit of late afternoon warm light. The approaching storm clouds provided a great contrast with the warmly lit stone of the cathedral, bridge and surrounding buildings.

You haven't really been to France without a visit to Paris. Likewise, its important that your visit to Paris includes the grand Notre Dame Cathedral and the beautiful La Seine.

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