Night Photography | Structure And Movement

An interesting temporary structure designed to house a dance party, but resembling a stack of hay bales, at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, Australia

Photographing Structure and Movement

I made this photo during a night photography workshop I was running in Melbourne, Australia. The image consists of two quite different elements which I’II define as structure and movement.

The structure was the outside of a temporary space created for a dance party. We just happened to walk past it during the event. I liked the music not, but the illuminated structure was really quite lovely. It seemed to me that the structure looked a little like a stack of neon-lit hay bales.

A Sense of the Surreal

The surreal nature of the scene was amplified by the crazed movement of a performer twirling several neon-lit hula hoops around her body as she moved through the frame. The purple, magenta and cyan colors of the light add to the mostly green illuminated structure and the splashes of red that surrounded it.

Night photography is a lot of fun and almost always provides surprises that can really add to the experience. I'II be running several special Night Photography in the City of Melbourne workshops during spring 2017 and I'II be sure to post all the details once I've set the dates.

A performance artist twirls light sticks in front of an installation at Birrarung Marr in Melbourne, Australia.

Pre-Announcements For Night Photography Workshops In Melbourne

If you'd like a heads up, before the crowd, as to the dates for my next series of Night Photography Workshops just click the above link and register. There's no obligation involved. You're just letting me know, via email, that you'd like a heads up on dates and times before the event becomes public knowledge.

What Determines A Great Photography Workshop Experience

Preparation is everything, and so is an experienced and caring tutor. That's why I send a special Night Photography eBook to all workshop participants prior to the event. This gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with all the relevant information and arrive at the workshop with a degree of confidence in your ability to set your camera up for success.

Being largely free of technical concerns you'll then be able to enjoy the workshop by learning to explore the creative options available to you by photographing in and around the city at night. What's more you'll be doing so in the safety of a group of like minded folk.

Hopefully you'll get to join me at one of my upcoming Night Photography in the City Of Melbourne workshops later this year. 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru