Music Connects Us To The Divine


An inspirational performance in a spectacular setting by monks singing in Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Though far from an expert I have an interest in mythology. Religions have, for millennia, used mythology to help explain the unexplainable. Since the enlightenment science has challenged the relationship many have had with religion and, as a consequence, weakened religion's power over the masses.

But the power of myth is still very potent and, I believe, essential to understanding our relationship with the sublime.

Golden Domes, Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg

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Stories For Then And For Now

Some folks have no problem with this challenge and have found ways, other than a literal interpretation of the written word, to connect with the sublime through, what is for them, a more personal, authentic experience.

They see myths as ways to engage an audience and, in doing so, explore a range of non factual truths that explore many of the moral and ethical issues that underpin our society.

In no way is it my intention to deride anyone's belief system. I have had the good fortune of growing up in a democratic country and freedom of belief is fundamental to my own world view.

What's more I'm a firm believer in the value of mythology. However, I feel that many of our world's problems derive from the fact that so many people don't understand the true purpose and value of myth.


A spectacular image of Jesus in a stained glass window at Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.


This Is My Favorite Creation Myth

Let's move away from religion and look at Professor J. R. R. Tolkien's creation myth from the Silmarillion.

For those unfamiliar with Tolkien's writings the Silmarillion is the history of the first age of Middle Earth, as told from the Elvish perspective.

Incidentally Tolkien, a colleague and close friend of C. S. Lewis, was a devout Catholic.

The Silmarillion is a beautiful read and, while not wanting to give too much away, let me just say that music was fundamental to the creation myth explored in that particular history.

Mosaics, Church of Savior on the Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg,

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Where Is The Sublime In Your Life?

That notion was very much in my mind when I listened to some inspiring songs performed by the group of Russian Orthodox monks pictured at the top of this post in the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Outside of the landscape, or the expression of joy on the faces of young and old alike, music and photography provide me with links to the sublime, however you choose to describe it.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru