Make Sure You Have Your Portrait Made

A black and white portrait of a young lady in Melbourne at night.

Where's home for you? Is it the house you own or the flat you rent? Whether you're born and bred, a naturalized citizen, resident or visitor to town I really believe in the saying that home is where the heart is.

You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country

I've lived in Melbourne since 1986, albeit with as much travel as possible along the way. But I was born in Hamilton, a small town of around 8,000 people in Western Victoria and, to me, home is where my parents are. While my dad passed 12 years ago, aged 78, Mares is still rocking on at 90 years of age. Thankfully Mares is still in the family home and, though I don't get back as often as I'd like, it will remain my home until my dear old mum moves on.

Where ever you are and whether you see yourself as a local, resident or visitor it's important to have a photographic record of yourself in that environment. Such records tend to grow in importance over the years, and become particularly important for those that have moved away from home.

Couple with dogs, Hamilton, Australia.

Where And When To Have Your Photo Made

Personally I'd recommend that you avoid stuffy studio portraits. Keep it real and have yourself photographed in the environments where you enjoy spending your time. If you're an outdoor person then consider having your portrait made in a favorite park or beach. If you're a creature of the night then a favorite restaurant, pub or nightclub could produce the kind of atmospheric likeness you'd like to remember or be remembered for.

For those of us who live away from family a phone call is a great way to keep in touch. And, of course, there's social media. But Facebook without photos just doesn't cut it. Make sure you feature in a good percent of the photos you post on social media. It is, after all, your life stream.

Needless to say there's just no substitute for a large photographic print, be it paper, canvas or acrylic based.

A portrait of my friend, photographer Gary Bosely, in the town of Cowangie in the Mallee region of Victoria, Australia.

Action Leads To Happiness

Please don't make the mistake I have. I'm usually the bunny with the camera so I never seem to get caught in anyone else's lights.

Whether we truly appreciate the fact or not, we are loved and fondly remembered by family and friends. But, where distance separates us, it's important to make the effort and have some beautiful photographs made that tell the story of some of the more positive aspects of our current lives.

After all your family just want you to be happy and a lovely portrait is a great way to affirm that desire.

What's more these photos can help us to understand that our lives are actually pretty good and that, compared to many other folk, we're lucky to be living the life we are. Are we not?

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru