Lighthouse in Field, Iceland

A lighthouse stands, strong and alert, at the edge of a field in rural Iceland. This is the color version of the image at the top of this post.

Under late afternoon light I found myself by the sea in magical Iceland. Prior to heading down to the waters edge I photographed this lighthouse.

It was a pretty scene, though unremarkable. What’s more I had other things on my mind. The quality of the light was improving and I was keen to get down to the shore to explore what photo opportunities awaited.

A lighthouse stands, strong and alert, at the edge of a field in rural Iceland.

While the structure itself isn't so imposing, particularly from the distance and angle at which I photographed it, the cloud formations and the textural qualities within the field suggested it would look good if rendered into black and white.

While I think the color version is fine, I prefer the extra drama that’s apparent in the black and white rendering.

I very much like the light and dark tonal transitions between the sky and clouds and I believe that this warm tone, black and white version also adds to the feeling of nostalgia we experience when we see structures like lighthouses, whether in photos or in reality.

I remember taking care to position the horizon in the frame in such a way that allowed me to include those great clouds along the top edge of the photo.

Bird On Gravestone, Iceland

About to Travel?


Like so much else that I do in Iceland, it was a fun excursion that was part of a longer adventure.

I decided to circumnavigate the whole country by driving around Iceland following Route 1.

But I made sure I left enough time in my schedule to take side trips and venture along side roads whenever I felt the need.

It was a good strategy and the photos in this post are but a small sample of the special places you’ll discover by exploring Iceland’s quieter roads.

They were all made on the same day after a decision to follow my intuition, rather than the main road.

Rock formations come alive with the warm light of sunset by the coast in northern Iceland.

After making a few photos of the lighthouse I headed down to the shore and discovered this lovely scene as the tide was coming in.

I was able to position myself in a way that allowed me to use the color and smoothness of the water to separate the foreground rocks from the larger rock formations in the distance.

This separation between textured and smooth areas, and between warm and cool colors, extends the sense of three dimensional space within the image.

A serene moment preserved through this image of a moon rising above a tiny church in far north west Iceland.

Near the end of the day I photographed this church by the sea, prior to exploring the tiny cemetery behind it.

I remember a black crow alighted on the gates as I entered the cemetery. I freely admit to having reservations about entering that space.

As I passed through the gate, with my butt cheeks clenched, it felt like I’d crossed an invisible barrier and, somehow, transitioned to a place between space and time.

Nothing isn’t nothing. It’s just an absence of something.
— Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

It was dark and quite eerie by the time I was finished photographing that cemetery. I was glad to get into the car and to be on my way to that nights accommodation.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru