The iconic Eagles Nest near the seaside town of Inverloch in Victoria, Australia.

Inverloch is a pretty seaside town along the south east coast of Australia. You’ll find beautiful scenery, fresh air and great food at your doorstep in and around the beautiful tourist town of Inverloch.

I had a few days at a friends weekender near the town of Korumburra (a taste of The Shire, to be sure) and spent the day this photo was made exploring the region between there and the seaside town of Inverloch.

Where Is Inverloch?

Inverloch is located in the state of Victoria, just 143 kilometers south east of Melbourne, at the mouth of the Anderson Inlet in the Bass Coast Shire of Gippsland.

Situated just 14 kilometers from the town of Wonthaggi and close to the nearby tourist locations of Cape Patterson and Venus Bay there’s plenty to do in and around the town of Inverloch.

Inverloch Population

With a population of 5,437 people Inverloch offers a great local experience for visitors from the big city.

Frazzled tourists, on a weekend visit from Melbourne, will find the energy of the township and the many local attractions great for mind and body.

Eagles Nest Inverloch

Eagles Nest is a beautiful landscape location located between The Caves and Shack Bay several kilometers along the Bunurong Coast road on the way to Cape Patterson.

Eagles Nest is best visited at low tide when it’s possible to explore and make really interesting pictures of the surrounding rock pools.

Be aware that crossing the Beach and the rock pools at high tide can be hazardous.

Despite being worn by waves and wind over millennia Eagles Nest is hard, volcanic rock with many sharp and cutting edges.

Light, Shape, Texture and Color

I reached the beach at Inverloch a little while before sunset and very much enjoyed the shapes and textures the landscape provided.

The above photo was made in the afterglow, just after the sun had set. The light on the rocks was soft and warm and provided a lovely contrast with the blue of the sky and water.

I photographed Eagles Nest on the beach near Inverloch with my then Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105 mm f/4 L series lens at 24 mm.

I employed a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds at an aperture of f/11 at ISO 100.

Playing with Perspective

You'll notice how prominent the rock is in this picture. It fills up about one quarter of the frame and is centrally positioned.

But, given that Eagles Nest is not actually that big, it looms large in comparison with the cliff face not all that far behind it.

What's the secret?

Moving in close with a wide-angle lens dramatically emphasizes foreground elements while making the background look smaller and further away.

In doing so a greater sense of three dimensional space is achieved. 

It's a special thing to be in the landscape, near the end of the day. It quietens the mind, revives the spirit and enriches the soul.

Beautiful landscape locations like Eagle Rock provide the opportunity to switch off from the rate race and spend some quality time in the great outdoors.

Eagle Rock is the kind of environment where you’re more likely to tune into what’s really important and to better understand yourself and your place in this world.

And that’s a kind of perspective we all need, every now and again.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru