Glenn Guy Chats With Stuart Davidson From The Arcanum

An engaging interview with photographer Stuart Davidson. Stuart is an Apprentice in Ollie Dales Mastery Cohort at The Arcanum. In addition to being an Apprentice Stuart has also taken on the role of Moderator within that community and, more recently, as one of the Heroes at The Arcanum.

Here's an interview I recently conducted with Stuart Davidson an Apprentice, Moderator and Hero over at The Arcanum.

This interview looks at length at some of the photos Stuart has made during his time in The Arcanum and also drills down to discuss the way The Arcanum works and what prospective Apprentices might do to better prepare themselves for the experience The Arcanum offers. 

There's even some gold provided to help folks lift their application to a higher level, thereby increasing their chances of being invited to join an actual cohort.

I hope you enjoy this interview. It's a precursor for many more that will follow. I plan to begin sharing the variety of ways you'll be able to access these interviews over the next week or so.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru