Child At Railway Station In Kolkata, India

A bright green and yellow wall provides a colorful background for this portrait of a child at a Kolkata railway station in India.

Here's a child I photographed at a suburban railway station in Chennai, India. I was on a self-motivated photo walk which, by chance, lead me along a railway line and onto the platform where I noticed the child.

After gaining permission to photograph the child from her mother I simply escorted her a few meters and asked her to stand in front of the yellow and green painted wall. It was in fact a toilet block, and the girls mother wondered why I wanted to use it as a background.

I explained that the colors of the wall provided a beautiful background. And green and yellow are the colors of one of Australia's alternate national flags: the one with the boxing kangaroo that you sometimes see at sporting events.

I asked the child to move forward, away from the centre of the frame, and positioned myself at an angle to the background to add the perspective of a receding background and, as a consequence, produce greater 3-dimensional space.

The repetitive nature of the smooth green and textured yellow sections within the background introduce notions of repetition and pattern, two important design elements, into the image.

Of course the ultimate success of a portrait is largely dependent upon an interesting subject and good lighting. The fact that the child is illuminated with a lovely soft light, that her eyes are visible and that she displays an interested, yet pensive expression makes her very photogenic.

What made this image possible was a desire to explore the world and a need to record the beauty of that world and share it with an audience. I hope you enjoy it.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru