A Definition of Beauty

A black and white portrait of Lisa, a young Italian student in Melbourne, Australia.

During a portrait photography workshop I was running in an outer suburb of Melbourne the group and I were treated with a very special gift: that of rare beauty.

How I Define Beauty

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my own definition of beauty is quite straightforward. To be beautiful you need two things: a positive attitude and good light.

We were fortunate indeed to have Lisa, a workshop participant and exchange student from Italy, model for us. Of course being blessed with clean, luminous skin is an added advantage.

I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan and, despite having photographed a variety of people next to this statue over the years, I was keen for another run. It has nothing to do with the LOTR films, but somehow the melancholy nature of this statue reminds me of some of the set pieces from the films.

I set up the image and helped workshop participants make great portraits of Lisa then, in a few short minutes, made use of the opportunity to make some photos for myself.

A portrait of Lisa, a young Italian exchange student, bathed in light in Melbourne, Australia.

The location and light looked good and it seemed like a great opportunity to make some really good pictures of Lisa for her family and as a memory of her time in Australia. Hopefully she'll be able to look back at these images in years to come. It is, after all, a time in one's life when the future should look bright and positive.

I'm pleased with the results and am very happy I made the effort for all concerned.

One of the things I've learned through life, and this is as true in daily discourse as it is in travels to exotic locales, is that there are often only moments in which to interact with others. But each moment contains the opportunity to preserve the memory of that interaction and, in doing so, makes a positive, life-affirming statement that helps to change the world, one photo at a time.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru