Testimonials | Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, at a very windy location in the Highlands region of Iceland. Photo by Tony Pepper.

"I worked with Glenn at Kodak for many years and have to write that it would be hard to find any one who is as enthusiastic on photography as Glenn.  He has travelled extensively and has been to many countries, taking meaningful travel photos in each place.  I wish him well in his travel endeavors."

"His ability to impart his knowledge to other photographers is a rare quality and I commend his photography classes to beginners and enthusiasts alike."

- Peter Hunter OAM, ARPS, AFIAP


 "Thank you for your beautiful and well-considered essays on Luminous Landscape."

"I was particularly touched by your emphasis on the importance of the intention behind the photographer's work.  The images that accompany your essay speak very eloquently of the empathy you have for your subjects.  Technique is important, to be sure, but the photographer's vision and intention are what make images that connect with viewers on an emotional level."

"I share your fascination with India (though I've never been), and I am deeply touched by your images and words."  

"Thanks as well to Michael Reichmann for featuring your work. I especially enjoy reading your vignettes of the people you encounter on your travels."

"I have enjoyed exploring your blog, which I have bookmarked, and follow you on twitter.  I look forward to enjoying your work and wisdom. Keep up the great work!"

"All my earlier impressions are confirmed, in spades.  There is a quality of tenderness to these images that touches the heart very directly.  You have a gift for portraiture, and its clear you are able to establish a warm and gentle rapport with people that really comes through in the images. "

"More please!" 

- Dan Gorman, USA


A black and white portrait of Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru.


"Glenn Guy is a first-rate photography teacher and when it comes to online learning I have never come across a more qualified teacher. What he has been able to provide for me these past two years, is an environment for continuous growth in my art. His critiques and challenges have provided a platform of me to develop my photography skills both technically and artistically into a new level. Thank you Glenn!"

Vesa Loikas, Finland

"I am a member of Glenn Guy's Landscape Luminaries Cohort at The Arcanum. I am amazed at how much attention Glenn pays to the cohort and members.  He is continually providing detailed constructive feedback to photos and coming up with great ideas, tasks and activities to further our quest for artistic mastery." 

"I can honestly say that I was planning on ending my Arcanum career after completing Sphere 1 but after watching a few of Glenn's videos I decided to keep going and I am happy that I did" 

"I already feel that not only has my photography improved but I am acquiring a new perspective on life and my role as a photographer in the world has been expanded."

"I am personally excited about Glenn’s Sphere 3 Travel Photography Cohort and would highly recommend it to anyone at the Arcanum seeking to expand their photographic vision and techniques."

- Sirrah Lore, USA

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, with a metal photographer figurine purchased in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"I have completed sphere 0, 1, 2 and 3 in the Arcanum and am now participating in Glenn Guy’s Landscape Luminaries Cohort (sphere 2). Even though I had already progressed through a wonderful sphere 2, and a sphere 3, I knew from watching critiques in the Grand Library that Glenn Guy was what I needed to help me reach my photographic goals."

"Glenn has a special gift as a teacher and facilitator. He gets to the essence of the art of photography. I find his way of critiquing to be thoughtful and to the point. He never pushes his ideas on his apprentices, but leads them to discover the way. I have not seen a Master in the Arcanum who works any harder to provide new content. He is tireless in his passion and engagement."

- Cindy Flood, USA

"Glenn Guy is an excellent photography instructor and mentor.  I have had the pleasure of working with him over the past year and he is a continual source of encouragement and inspiration. Glenn's vast knowledge of all things photography from film to digital have been an excellent resource for learning basic art concepts to more complex digital business theories."  

"While I have dealt with Glenn primarily online through The Arcanum, his sense of humor and kindness seep through the online community and I look forward to someday joining him on one of his many travel excursions in the future."

- Sharlea Taft, USA


A portrait of Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru at home.


"Glenn epitomises what it is to be a pro photographer. He knows his craft inside-out which makes it such a pleasure to learn alongside him. His passion for photography shines through in these workshops and I've learnt so much just by listening to him share his in-depth knowledge on all aspects of photography from gear through to software."

"Glenn is a brilliant teacher and a super nice guy which makes these workshops so enjoyable to attend. It was also great to meet other people who were at the same stage of learning as myself. Thanks Glenn!"

- Travis White, Melbourne


"I found your message and photo captures to be moving and giving, or an offering to me and the public. An opportunity for me to align with your thoughts and credos. Please accept my gratitude to who you be."

- Kris Jorgensen

"A top guru is worth more than top camera gear. Photography is not so much about the camera as about yourself and how you see the world around you.  Three years ago I retired from the daily grind, rekindled my interest in photography and made the leap from film to digital. 

Glenn’s teachings on portrait, street and night photography gave me more than the needed technical skills and the benefit of his experience; they caused me to think about the images I wanted to create. You never stop learning and his website remains on my Favourites Bar for inspiration."

- Dave Barton, England

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru