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Buildings reflected into a pond at dusk in the famous Hongcun Village in Anhui Province, China.

February 2019 will mark 40 years for me in the photography industry. You can find out all about my time in photography on this sites extensive About pages.

These days my life revolves, very much, around the Travel Photography Guru website and blog, which I started in 2012.

For most of that time I never even considered commercializing it.

There’s quite literally thousands of hours of unpaid work associated with the production and sharing of beautiful photos and hundreds of informative articles with folks all over the world.

Buildings reflected into a pond at dusk in the famous Hongcun Village in Anhui Province, China.

2019 Will Be Bigger And Better Than Ever

The intention has always been to share the beauty of our natural world and its people with an ever wider audience.

In addition to near daily blog posts, a range of equipment reviews and portfolio galleries this site will continue to expand during 2019 with an ever larger range of FREE information resources including the following:

  • Newsletter

  • Podcast

  • Instructional and inspirational videos

A Weddell seal springs to attention while resting on an iceberg near Cuverville Island in Antarctica.

I Need And Very Much Appreciate Your Help

However, the cost and time pressures associated with the production and distribution of the material on this site is significant and I need your help to ensure its continuation.


Any donation you make to this site will have a direct and meaningful effect on the quality of its content and to ensuring it continues to provide inspiration and information in a visually dynamic way.

By partnering with me we can make this one of the world's great photography sites.

Your support is vital and very much appreciated!

Thank you so much. I hope to meet you in person one day soon.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru