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How To Write An Artist Statement

The Artist Statement is one of the most important written works a photographer can produce. Standing separate from a business plan the Artist Statement allows you to articulate your own place in the world. It explains the nature of the photography you create, why you do it and what differentiates the images you make. Ultimately, your Artist Statement explains the unique creative journey you’ve embarked upon through the art of photography.

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Ushuaia Patagonia and How to Photograph from a Helicopter

Helicopter flights are great fun. Photographing from a helicopter that’s flying south of Ushuaia, sandwiched between the Martial Mountains in Tierra del Fuego and the Beagle Channel on the southern most tip of South America, can be a memorable part of your own Patagonia adventure.

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Paradise Bay Antarctica

Paradise Bay is one of the most beautiful locations for tourists visiting Antarctica. Paradise Bay, also known as Paradise Harbour, is extremely beautiful and surrounded by huge snow covered cliffs. My time in Antarctica was spent exploring the Antarctic Peninsula as part of a photography group tour I co-ran with Aurora Expeditions.

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