Links And Recommendations From The Travel Photography Guru

The famous Wanaka Tree in full bloom on a lovely Spring morning.

There are few photography sites on the internet that I would personally recommend. Indeed they are only a handful of photography sites that I regularly return to. These are my favorites:

Stuck in Customs

My friend Trey Ratcliff has run his phenomenally successful Stuck in Customs site for a number of years. Trey's a travel photographer, like me, and I very much like the cut of his jib. Some of his images are simply sublime.

In the spirit of full disclosure I work with/for Trey at The Arcanum, an online education business based around photography. Trey is one of the owners at the Arcanum.

Luminous Landscape

LuLa has been around for many years and is one of the world's pre-eminent photography websites. I write for Luminous Landscape occasionally, though I recommend them here because this is the site I've returned to several days a week for years.

I particularly like the Camera Reviews featured on the Luminous Landscape as they are presented in a non-technical and very accessible manner with an emphasis on build quality and user interface; ergonomics and camera handling; and image quality. You know, those things that matter most.

Camera Labs

Gordon Laing operates the amazing Camera Labs website. It's a camera review site that, in my opinion, no knows equal. Gordon's reviews are extremely thorough and written with great care. Camera Labs is the website I think of when I want to do some online research prior to buying a new camera or lens.


The Arcanum

I do a lot of private, one-to-one teaching in and around Melbourne, Australia. I also offer a variety of coaching services online. However, as far as an integrated, community-based online photography experience is concerned The Arcanum is the best option I'm aware of. I was so impressed with it that I joined as an Inception Master back during it's foundation period.

I'm now heavily involved with The Arcanum, and as a Level 40 Master I'm kept busy running numerous cohorts and working with folks from all around the world. I believe The Arcanum will be at the centre of online education, world wide, into the future and I'm honored to have been chosen as one of The Arcanum's Inception Masters.

Exciting Photographers On The Move

I've worked with, literally, thousands of people during many years teaching photography.

Here's a list of some of the folks I've worked with and mentored during my time at The Arcanum who have taken the reins and are busy charting their own success.

Vesa Loikas

Vesa Loikas is a Finnish fine art photographer who's work explores the interactions and relationships formed when nature, landscape, architecture and people come together within the same environment.

A wonderful guy to work with and a consummate professional you'll find the website of Vesa Loikas will provide you with a great introduction to his work.  

My friend  Vesa Loikas . A great photographer living and working out of  Turku  in  Finland .

My friend Vesa Loikas. A great photographer living and working out of Turku in Finland.

Torben Kühle

Torben Kühle is a young German photographer living in the far north of Norway. A landscape and documentary photographer Torben's niche is photographing the night sky, particularly the Aurora Borealis and, during our time together, Torben has created a strong body of work that showcases this incredible phenomena.

You can find the work of Torben Kühle here.

Les Saucier

A true southern gentleman Les Saucier produces nature based landscape images of exceptional beauty. They are graceful, intimate studies of our natural world and I'd invite you to visit the website of Les Saucier for a dose of down home southern comfort.

Les also runs photography workshops in and around his base in the Southern Appalachians  and, knowing Les as I do, I'd be happy to recommend his workshops to anyone living or traveling in that part of the world. You can discover the silent beauty of my friend Les's work at the Les Saucier website. 

Elizabeth Boatman

Neighborhood Travels is a website and blog operated by enthusiast photographer Elizabeth Boatman. Concentrating, for the most part, on destinations in and around California, Elizabeth weaves words and images together to tell the story of each site and her interpretations of it. Sites visited include national parks, stately homes and historic trusts.