LensWrap Provides Protection And Comfort For Your Tripod

LegCoat 518 Black Tripod Wraps from LensCoat. My preferred protective covers for my heavy duty Really Right Stuff TVC-34L tripod.

Do you find using and carrying your tripod to be a hassle? You're not the only one.

After spending big bucks you have a right to expect that your tripod will perform it's job by providing a solid and stable platform for your camera and, in so doing, lessen the chance of camera shake.

Great! You've spent the money and, hopefully, you've bought a tripod that delivers in that regard.

  • But what's the user experience like?

  • Is it uncomfortable to handle, particularly under extremely cold conditions

  • Is it painful to carry over your shoulder?

  • And what about protecting it in transit? A dent or scratch can significantly lower its resale value, 

I use the LegCoat Wraps from a company known as LensCoat. 

The LegCoat Wraps are a set of 3 individual neoprene covers that wrap around the upper end of each of your tripod's legs to protect them from knocks and scratches, in the field and in transit.

They also provide you with a much more comfortable experience when using and carrying the tripod.

LegCoat Wraps Are Really well Designed

Made from soft neoprene LegCoat Wraps are designed, as the name suggests, to wrap around the leg of your tripod and are easily affixed with a velcro closure.

The inner side of each wrap is designed to tightly grip to the tripod leg to help keep the LegCoat Wrap in position and prevent it from sliding.

Improve How Your Tripod Performs In The Cold

Each LegCoat Wrap acts as a thermal barrier between your cold-to-the-touch aluminum or carbon fibre tripod and your hands.

This is a great feature when working under cold conditions when the metal surface of the tripod effectively becomes a conductor for the cold and makes handling the tripod unpleasant.

Increase The Comfort Of Your Expensive Tripod

A really useful advantage of the spongy soft neoprene is that it acts as a cushion between the hard, metal tripod and your body. You'll find the padding a blessing when carrying your tripod over your shoulder.

Gone will be the days of a metal tripod banging into your shoulder as you traverse the landscape.

Believe me it’s a big deal. Photography should be fun, but if you’re not comfortable you’re not going to be happy.

A Bulky Alternative To LegsCoat Wraps

LensCoat also market a range of LegCoats (with the word wrap omitted from the title). They're effectively the same thing, but with more padding.

Personally, I find the tripod becomes a little too bulky, when folded down, with the thicker LegCoats attached. This is why I prefer the LegCoat Wraps. Be careful not to confuse the two when ordering.

You Can Purchase Directly From LensCoat

You'll find the LegCoat Wraps available in sets of 3 (one per leg) in black, red, yellow and a range of camo (i.e., camouflage) colors.

They are strong and durable and come highly recommended.

The LensCoat website has a very helpful chart which you can click on to help you identify the particular LegCoat Wrap to fit your specific tripod brand and model.

If you don't see your tripod listed just scroll down to the bottom of the page and send them an email via their Contact link.

You can then purchase directly from the LensCoat site, though you should always check freight costs before finalizing your order.

Here's How To Buy Your LensCoat Wraps On Amazon

Alternatively, for folks who prefer to support this site and/or shop through Amazon, once you've determined the exact LegCoat Wrap model for your needs, via this very helpful chart, click on the above link to locate and purchase the specific model you need on Amazon. 

I've been using LensCoat LegCoat Wraps for years and I really wouldn't want to use or carry a tripod without a set attached. 

They've protected my expensive tripod during transit and while photographing at various extreme locations including the following:

  • Falkland Islands

  • South Georgia Island

  • Antarctica

  • Iceland

  • Greenland

  • India

  • China (including while photographing at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius at Ice World in Harbin).

I think the LensCoat Wraps are a great accessory and well worth the relatively modest cost. Your tripod and your shoulder blades will thank you.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru