Where Has Summer Gone?

A golden warrior statue holding the head of a victim in the grounds of Peterhof Palace near St. Petersburg, Russia.

I've been blogging intensively since around 2009. However, other commitments resulted in my blog taking a backseat during 2016. I've been absolutely flat chat, including a significant photography adventure to Europe, which was a real hoot.

It's important to break the mould, and move away from your usual daily rhythm every now and again. After all, how else would you know whether you're using your time well and making the most of your opportunities.

Am I Right?

Change is constant and it can also be good, particularly when you're the one implementing that change. The trick is to make changes that are in line with your core beliefs, values and desired outcomes. That can only help you stay true to yourself and your greater purpose in life. Am I right?

It Feels Good!

With the beginning of 2017 I decided it was important to get back to blogging and I've done so with great gusto, usually posting on a five day a week schedule, with often several posts on each of those days. It feels great.

I've also worked quite a lot on the design of the site to make it a more visually attractive and easy to navigate experience. I'm very happy with the changes I've made thus far, but still have a way to go with the navigation. The good news is that the majority of the changes should be implemented within the next month or so. And, after that, there's a whole new chapter coming in the life of this site. I can hardly wait.

Daylight savings finished recently in Melbourne, Australia where I'm currently based. It's always sad to see it go and I always regret not having spent more time out and about making photos. The reality is that most of my photography is done, when I'm traveling and away from my studio.

The trade off for me has been what I've achieved with my blog over recent months and where I see it going by mid year. There's little better in life than being almost completely immersed in a creative project. The trick though, when the project is ongoing for months at a time, is to ensure you get out and about in the light and in the fresh air, each and every day. That's the kind of balance I suspect we're all aware of, but rarely seem to achieve. Am I right?

Nothing Fires the Spirit like Success

The fact is that there are many ways that you can connect and absorb the information I produce on the web. This blog will remain the centre piece of my online identity, but it's time to branch out into other areas and the reality is some folks prefer to connect outside of the blogosphere. I think it's time Travel Photography Guru began to transition from a blog/website into more of a brand. The trick is to be fluid and remain responsive. That's bound to keep it fresh and fun. What do you think?

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru