Restoration And Renewal In The Landscape

A lush valley between volcanic hills near the Viki crater in spectacular countryside near Myvatn Lake in northern Iceland.

What a beautiful location! This photo was made near the top of the Stora-Viti crater near Myvatn in northern Iceland. You'll notice how the warm light washing over the foreground is balanced by the cool blue light from an approaching storm front. I love how contrasting colors add that extra dynamic to a photograph.

For the Wandering Traveler

It's the kind of landscape that calls out to the wanderer in us all. Wouldn't you like to walk into and through this scene; to lose yourself, at least temporarily, from the worries of the world.

It's my belief that immersion in the landscape can bring relief for a weary heart, release for a troubled soul and restoration to an overly stressed mind. It's the perfect place for reflection and renewal.

In addition to the warm/cool color palette I was drawn by the shapes and textures of the landforms and the dramatic light which seems, somehow, to breathe life into the landscape.

On my next trip to Iceland I plan to spend considerably more time immersed in the poetic beauty of that country's epic landscapes.