Glenn Guy Artist Statement

Magesty, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China

The emergence of science as the new god of modern, western culture has resulted in our society abandoning the age of faith and, as a consequence, separated us from the importance of ritual and myth.

These changes have challenged our traditional belief system and, as a consequence, our relationship with the eternal has suffered, as has our ability to unite our outer reality with our inner self.

Adversity Is The Great Teacher

I believe that we learn more about ourselves through adversity and that paradise and hope are both earthly notions, which we carry with us, wherever we go.

The Artists Journey

It might be that hope exists only in the journey where, in the beginning, all is possible: every aspect, every dream.

With the destination subordinate to the journey, the search for meaning is a continuous process.

The Photography and the Artist

To see the world through the camera is a uniquely personal experience. My role as a photographer is to communicate and I am unafraid to show my love for that which I photograph.

As storyteller I produce images where subjects, existing simultaneously as character and co-author, inhabit the world as whole, independent beings in a world of perpetual light.

Working within a narrative tradition I endeavour to discover a poetic thread in which to house a feeling or experience that would otherwise be lost or assigned to the vagaries of memory.

The process can be summarized as follows:

Warm backlight brings a hint of summer to a field of lupins at days end in Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

Preserve The Moment

  • To utilize my camera and associated photography processes to visualize and render these scenes poised, in all their complexities and between one moment and the next, in a process that allows me to make metaphors from metamorphosis.

  • To record, for posterity, and to convey the magic of the moment outward to a wider audience.


  • To make sense of the world by evoking a higher truth through the telling of a story about the beauty that exists on the edge of our understanding.


  • To experience much of the beauty and diversity of the world and its peoples and then to translate my emotional response from feelings into form.

Yield to the Experience

  • To gain a better understanding of the world in which I live by immersing myself into the landscapes and cultures that exist beyond my normal, everyday experiences.

Magnificent 'God Rays' illuminate the landscape in the Highlands region of Central Iceland.

The Human Experience

My images deal with what it is to be human. They have helped me understand my own personal journey and to resonate that outwards into the poetry of the everyday and beyond, towards that certain inner beauty found in simple things.

Through the production of a living diary, this process of photographic documentation has allowed me to record my own life’s history.

To live the life I dream and to share that dream, my vision of the world, is the ultimate realization.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru