Video Tutorials

This series of video tutorials has been produced to introduce you to some of the techniques and approaches I employ in my own photography.

I hope you find them informative and they prove useful to you on your own creative journey through photography.

Filters An Introduction

An introduction to UV/Clear and Polarizing filters. Brand, filter quality and useful tips on why and how to use these filters are provided.

Making Something Out Of Nothing

How to achieve good results when faced with banal subject matter. Making something out of nothing and how taking a physical approach to your photography produces great images.

Landscape A Themeatic Approach

Composition, weather, abstraction and photographing people in the landscape are showcased through stunning images from the beautiful Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain) in the depths of winter.

Photography A Philosophical Approach

This presentation, featuring photos from many exotic locations, presents suggestions for how to begin the process of determining the philosophy that underpins your own photography.

Family It's What Matters Most

My approach to family portraiture, from both a technical and conceptual point of view, is showcased in this series of family portraits made in Hamilton, Australia.

How To Photograph A Live Performance

This presentation features a live performance by Aussie rock icon Mark Seymour, former front man with the Hunters and Collectors, at a live gig at Moama On Murray resort with his new band, The Undertow.

Photographing Our 3 Dimensional World in 2 Dimensions

A comprehensive look at how to use your zoom lens and the relationship between the lens focal length and the size of the camera's sensor.

Local Color Saturation

Have you ever seen photos that appear to be black and white, except for a single color. This short video tutorial gives you all the information you need to explain why this happens and how you can use Adobe Lightroom to achieve the same result yourself. It's so simple, if you know how.

Sepia Toning In Lightroom

This video provides a brief explanation of how Sepia Toning was achieved in the wet darkroom, prior to a detailed demonstration for how to achieve the effect in Adobe Lightroom. As a bonus a demonstration on how to Create a Vignette is included.