Want to be a Fashion Model?


A studio portrait of a young woman in Melbourne, Australia.


Are you an aspiring fashion photographer or model? Either way I think it’s important to understand how physically difficult a fashion shoot can be for a model.

Here's a quick photo made, in between sets, during a fashion photography session I was involved with a while back.

It was a privately organized session with a lovely teenage girl, Caroline, who agreed to model for the day.

In fact the session had originally been organized as a publicity shoot for an up-and-coming fashion designer in Melbourne, Australia.

I was brought in to provide some technical assistance for the photographer, a friend, who had agreed to do the photography.

As I was there primarily for technical support my images were made quickly, in between sets, as lighting, backgrounds and clothing were changed.

Being A Fashion Model Is Hard Work

From the models's point of view this image was made near the end of a long, hard session.

For me its more of a portrait than a fashion image and more about the individual than about the garments she's wearing or any suggested lifestyle attained through the purchase of such garments.

It's hard to pass by an opportunity to make an image when the combination of light, subject, gesture and design can so easily be brought together.

I particularly like the feminine S curve that flows from Caroline's right hand down towards her elbow. It was simply a matter of approximating the pose I had in mind and Caroline mirrored my idea perfectly.

It's not an easy job being a model. Standing in awkward positions, often in high heels, on cold, hard floors for extended periods of time can't be easy.

Studios set up in old buildings can be difficult to heat. The fact that models frequently wear flimsy garments can only add to their discomfort.

This was a long, hard session for Caroline that provided her with some real-life experience and a first hand understanding of the physicality involved in the so-called glamorous world of the fashion model.

From my perspective she shone and I very much appreciated her patience and hard work.

Thanks to Caroline, Jenny T Fashion and, most of all, to my friend, May for the opportunity to help out.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru