View From Teddy's Lookout, Lorne, Australia


The view from Teddy's Lookout, down onto the St. George River, just outisde of Lorne along Australia's Great Ocean Road.


Re-Visiting A Favorite Memory From The Archives

This is one of the oldest images in my portfolio. Having originally printed it in the darkroom as a 16" x 16" print I decided to bring out the negative, have it scanned and bring it onto the desktop so that I could put some life back into it. It's a favorite image and I can still remember the thrill I experienced when making it.

Driving through the tourist town of Lorne, on Victoria's Great Ocean Road I headed for Teddy's Lookout, a short drive from town.

In fact this was the third time I'd visited the lookout in as many weeks. Despite the picturesque location, the first two visits were uninspiring. In each case the light was flat and the tide had come in too far. I wanted desperately to make a good image, so I returned for a third attempt.

The scene that awaited me was indeed beautiful. This time the tide, unique viewpoint and light were all working in my favor. The warm, early evening light illuminated the sand and foliage, while the cool skylight reflected onto the surface of the road and water.

Photographing People in the Landscape

I just needed one other element to bring the image together in a cohesive manner. I noticed a group of people exploring the shallow pools of water on the edge of the St. George River.  I kept a close eye on them and waited. My efforts and perseverance were rewarded when the people came together to gather around a small, circular pool the shape of which had been emphasized by a stone being dropped into the water.

The image was made on a Hasselblad 500C camera and Hasselblad 150 mm f/4 Sonnar lens with Kodak Professional Ektacolor Gold 160 film. I originally produced hand printed RA-4 color prints on Kodak Ektacolor Glossy Paper. For this most version I've employed Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru