Photographing a Resting Yogi, Kolkata, India

Black and white portrait of a yogi resting in the grounds of a temple complex by the banks of the Hooghly River in Kolkata, India

A yogi is the name given to a wandering religious ascetic in India. I met this yogi in the grounds of a temple by the banks of the River Hooghly on the outskirts of Kolkata (i.e., Calcutta).

He was a gentle soul and I was happy he allowed me to make this portrait.

You should never be worried about approaching someone so different to yourself. Just remember you are at least as interesting to them as they are to you.

As long as your intentions are pure and you’re able to make your photos quickly and without making your subject uncomfortable or overly self conscious you shouldn’t be concerned.

Photography Is All About Light

The light was fading fast and I had to move quickly to make the photo.

He was already sitting, so it was a simple matter to ask him to turn so that the low angled sun illuminated his eyes and the top part of his face.

One Advantage Of A Full Frame Camera

Can you see how the line that separates light from dark is basically following the line of his beard.

Composition is important to me and a full frame camera, with its larger viewfinder, makes it easier to both identify important compositional elements and, by making subtle movements of the camera, control their placement within the frame.

What's There And What You See

But even with a full frame camera it's still possible to miss important details.

The photo of our yogi made quickly and I moved on. It wasn't until processing the image when I realized that what looks like a tail coming out from his lower back is, in fact, a very long ponytail. Incredible! 

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