Kingsley Burton Becomes a Master at The Arcanum

The Road to Master at The Arcanum

My good friend Kingsley Burton has been admitted into The Quickening. That's one of two internal training programs for folks within The Arcanum that lead them from Apprentice to Master with responsibility for their own Cohort.

In this interview Kingsley and I discuss his pathway, thus far, through The Arcanum and what adventures and opportunities are ahead for him and others wishing to take the Apprentice to Master pathway.

Two Paths That Meet

The Quickening, run by Ron Clifford, is designed for folks, like Kingsley Burton, who already have considerable experience in photography and have demonstrated a willingness and an ability to facilitate the creative journey, through photography, for others.

An alternate program, with the same destination, is the Path of the Protégé which is run by Jessica Lark. This is the perfect place for Apprentices within The Arcanum who show the potential to be a Master, responsible for their own cohort of apprentices, but perhaps may not have years of practice photography experience and/or teaching experience behind them.

So, as you can see, not only does The Arcanum offer a way forward for folks seeking to follow their creative path, but it also provides a way for some of those folks to become responsible for their own cohort. What's more, it's possible for an Apprentice to continue their learning and, simultaneously, run their own cohort.

Does that sound strange? It's not really, once you understand the structure underpinning this brilliant new initiative in creative learning.

So, what's right for you, the high road or the low road?

Why Am I Promoting The Arcanum?

The Arcanum offers folks an amazing way to improve their photography through a three-way system comprising communitymentorship and high quality content. To have the opportunity to impact positively on the world by running your own cohort is, perhaps, one of The Arcanum's most special gifts. Needless to say it's why I joined as a Master and helping to prepare and facilitate the road ahead for Apprentices, into other cohorts and/or as Masters responsible for their own cohort, has been central to the philosophy underpinning my own cohort since day one. Kingsley Burton is that vision realized. And I couldn't be happier.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru