Glenn Guy Interviews Arcanum Apprentice and Moderator Hugh Ferguson

The Master and Apprentice Relationship

Here's an interview conducted with Hugh Ferguson. Hugh's an Apprentice and The Arcanum, an online education experience with which I've been heavily involved since the middle of the 2014. Hugh was one of the very first people I invited to enter my cohort. His passion for photography and genuine desire to contribute to the success of our cohort made him an ideal candidate for the role of Moderator.

This video showcases Hugh's work and his progress through The Arcanum. We also provide a glimpse into our private community and discuss how our cohort works, what's needed to truly benefit from membership in The Arcanum and the role of the Moderator.

Hugh has been fantastic to work with, both as an active Apprentice and in his role as Moderator where he's contributed significantly to the culture and learning experience we offer. 

An interview with Hugh Ferguson an Apprentice at The Arcanum and a Moderator in Glenn Guy's Mastery Cohort.

2015 and Beyond

The future is very bright for The Arcanum. It's been a steady and controlled build to date and we're all very much looking forward to significantly expanding the number of Apprentices and Masters during 2015. Perhaps I'II get to meet you there.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru