Celebrating The Evening Glow In Beautiful Iceland

Sunset and a stormy sky reflect light onto a creek and farmland in rural Iceland.

How's this for a nice place to take an evening walk. At the time of night I made this photo most folks should be safely cuddled up in bed. But it's Iceland in midsummer and you sleep when the light and weather allow you to do so. The rest of the time it's just too beautiful to sleep.

I was so happy during my first night driving around Iceland. The light was just exquisite. It wasn't so much about finding amazing locations for landscape photos, but responding to the way the light brought the landscape to life. I just let the light lead me and then worked to make a decent composition from the landforms that presented themselves. As a case in point a reflective surface, like water, provides an extra level of luminosity and color to the scene.

Church on Hilltop, Iceland

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The Contrast Of Drama And Peace

The above image is a very quiet scene, but the diagonal direction of the clouds adds a dynamic: a certain brooding unquiet to the image that gives it the duality that I'm often attracted to in a good photograph.

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Iceland

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Think About The Color In Your Photos

While a relatively simple image it contains more than enough color. Anymore than 3 distinctly different colors in the same photograph tends to confuse the average viewer.

The purple/blue of the clouds and distant mountains, the yellow/orange of the water and sky and the yellow/green grass is, to my mind, already pushing the envelope a bit. Any more colors and the simplicity of the image would be lost. It's just another example of my version of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Sausage.

But, in this case, pushing the envelope a little maybe isn't such a bad thing. It may be that by amplifying that sense of disquiet, just a tiny bit more, a more compelling image has resulted. Remember, the longer they look the more you win.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru