Bridges, Pathways and Tunnels on Huangshan, China

Color and shape are hallmarks of this classic bridge on Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain), China

The above photo features a traditional bridge on Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain) in China.

Design In Photography

The color and semi-circular shape of the bridge are what makes it the dominant element within the image. Add in the trees and snow and it's a very attractive scene.

The line drawn by following the contour around the edge of the structure is gentle and very easy on the eye. In days gone by that kind of line may have been referred to as feminine. The association between the bridge and our natural world is, therefore, quite harmonious.

A scattering of snow, on and around the mountain trail, on Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), China.

Pathways on Yellow Mountain

The pathway is the most important element of the above image, both visually and metaphorically. It describes part of the journey undertaken by visitors to Yellow Mountain and points to the journey we all take in life, where the way forward is never completely revealed as we move along life's path.

In this image I feel the line of the railing, which encourages the viewer to journey into the image, is supported by the use of line along the various ridge tops throughout the photo.

An icy staircase takes the hiker through the rock and onto the path proper along the spectacular trail on Huangshan (i.e., Yellow Mountain).

Into the Tunnel on Yellow Mountain

I passed through this tunnel twice, at the beginning of an afternoon hike and then, through the gloom of fast fading dusk, as I made my way back to the hotel. It was pitch black inside the tunnel during my return journey and, for a few moments, I became quite disorientated. I pulled out my headlamp, but it failed to work, so I moved down and around the corner on my backside.

After a minute or two I was out into the dusk and breathed a sign of relief. It was amazing just how dark and cold it was inside that tunnel.

This is really a very basic documentary photograph. The snow provides a sense of the time of year and the weather, while the line of the railing, once again, helps lead the eye through the frame and, thereby, increases the sense of three dimensional space.

I loved my time exploring and photographing on Huangshan and plan to return again. While it would be wonderful to visit in spring or autumn, I'm still interested in returning again during the winter. It's very quite on Yellow Mountain at that time of year and the overcast weather provides a lovely, soft light source under which to make photographs. 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru