Website Upgrade, January 2016

A calm and friendly dog pokes his head through a car window to greet passers by in the seaside town of Húsavik in Northern Iceland.

I've been working hard over the last week or so on a major upgrade to my website. I think the upgrade is going very well and I'm quite happy with the results, thus far. There's still a few bugs that I have to sort out, and others that I’II likely discover over coming days.

For the moment I need to ask you to be patient if parts of the site don’t work the way they should. These kinds of problems aren’t always fixed quickly or easily. However, given the way things are currently shaping up, I’m really excited about the final outcome which will be realized later this month.

There’s still quite a lot of work to do but, just so you know, here's what's coming before the end of January.

Home Page

I’m in the middle of a re-design of the site’s home page. I expect to have that finished, pretty much, tomorrow. That is with the exception of an underlying technical issue which I’m still working to resolve.

Learn Photography

I’m about ⅔ of the way through a significant upgrade to the Learn Photography section of my site. You can access the Learn Photography area through the link at the top of the sites navigation bar.


The launch of a long overdue podcast series (starting soon) will, finally, happen later this month.

Site Design

I’ve made hundreds of small, incremental changes to the site over recent days. I’m happy with the results and will soon look to fine tuning the sites design, and my logo, in particular in relation to fonts and colors.

It may be that, down the road aways, I hire a professional website designer to advise and implement a more stylistic and cohesive look to the site that's beyond my abilities to achieve. But, for now, I'm really happy with the way this quite significant upgrade is progressing. And I hope you dig it to.

Mobile Friendly

This site incorporates a Responsive Design which means it looks good on all manner of screen sizes and devices, whether mobile or desktop based.

Unfortunately, some of the improvements I’ve made to improve the look of the site on the desktop have caused problems associated with how it displays on some mobile devices. I’II be working hard to resolve those issues over the next day or two. 

Print Sales And Fulfillment

It’s going to be great to be able to offer prints of many of my finest photographs for sale through this site. Before the end of January 2016 you’ll be able to purchase prints directly from this site. Funds will be collected, prints produced and dispatched, worldwide, quickly and efficiently. Wow! 

Continuous Improvement

The reason for posting about this upgrade is to keep regular readers up to date with the evolution of this site. But I’m also aware that some of you have an interest in blogging or website building and that this post will help you focus on your own plans and, maybe, motivate you to get cracking.

Thanks for your patience over coming weeks. For the most part the site will function well and I’II continue adding lots of new content for you during this upgrade period.

By the way the photo illustrating this post was made in Iceland, my favorite country for landscape photography. I’m running a special Photography Tour to Iceland during August 2016. Perhaps you’ll join me.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru