Photo Opportunities Not To Be Missed

A young woman with aqua hair in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

One thing that’s great about being a photographer is the opportunity it provides you to meet and interact with all manner of people.

Picture Maker or Picture Taker

I’m not one of these guys who jumps out of the bushes with a huge telephoto lenses mounted to their camera to go snap.

I do not shoot anything, animals or photographs. Nor do I take photos. I make photos, the process of which is often done in collaboration with those I photograph. 

Your Camera is a Passport

I’m all about employing my camera to celebrate the beauty of our world and its people with an ever wider audience. It’s all mindset. I don’t see the camera as a physical barrier between me and the world. I see my camera as a passport my which I’m able to engage and, thereby, learn from folks whom I otherwise wouldn’t be likely to meet.

It Needs to be the Right Camera

I purchased a compact Panasonic camera a few years back. It was very well made and featured an excellent Leica lens. Yet, despite the quality of the images produced, I only used it a few times. It just didn’t feel right and I wasn’t overly impressed with the camera’s menu, button structure or viewing system.

It’s a very personal relationship, the one between photographer and camera. Sometimes, despite the qualities of each party, they just don’t work well together.

Despite these difficulties and the fact that I sold the camera not all that long after buying it, I did take it on a few adventures including a photo walk around the city of Melbourne. 

A zombie nurse resting outside the Conservatory in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.

Girls with a Difference

One thing that, as a country boy, impresses me about the city is the wide variety of people wandering about. More and more the Melbourne CBD and it’s surrounds have become a meeting place for all manner of interesting people.

I found these two young ladies at a meetup in the Fitzroy Gardens not far from Parliament house. They were there with a bunch of other folks, all dressed up as zombies, anime figures and the like. While the characters were completely unrecognizable to me they were very photogenic.

A great thing about photographing such folk is that they’re almost always happy to be photographed. They’ve clearly gone to a lot of trouble getting ready for the meetup and most likely appreciate the attention and the opportunity to have a memory of the event recorded for posterity.

Next time you’re out and about in the big smoke, particularly on weekends, be sure to keep an eye out for interesting characters. They really do make great subject matter for your photos. Just be sure to share the joy by forwarding one or more of your keepers to them. They’re likely to be the best photos they’ll get of themselves in such garb. 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru