Updating a Website

A seal resting on a small iceberg in Pleneau Bay with the imposing scenery of Pleneau Island, Antarctica in the background.

I started a major re-design of my site a few days ago. It's going to take quite some time and will be completed in baby steps. I began with the Home Page and hope to have that finished within the next few weeks. Many other changes to the site will follow over time.

How’s Your Glass?

To do such things properly it’s necessary to spend extended time planning and executing the changes. In the process new skills are learned and the chance for creative endeavors come with every turn.

I believe it’s critical not to be too rigid in your approach and to experiment and play with your design options. The greatest discoveries are often a direct result of mistakes. Every major project takes you to a metaphorical fork in the road. Which ever way you turn new possibilities and new forks in the road will appear. It’s a rabbit hole or a wide open landscape full of adventure, depending upon your perspective.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

I seem to be very time poor at the moment. But constant change, and the uncertainty that comes along with it, is an essential element in the life of the creative.

One thing I've learned along the way is that websites are far from the static entities folks assume them to be. The are organic entities with a life of their own. Very much works in progress, they need to be given constant attention to keep them updated, fresh and visually dynamic. And whether that’s a burden or an opportunity for creativity is very much in the hands of the maker, by which I mean you and me, as the case may be.

The Future Is Now

You can look forward to an enhanced experience coming to this site, a little at a time, over the next few months. That will mean a cleaner, more user friendly site that’s even more visually dynamic than you see today. And that’s exciting, don’t you think?

Stranded, without a paddle; content to enjoy the view; or working towards unattainable perfection. Paradise is a matter of perspective. I’m glad you’re here with me as sharing the experience is what matters most.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru