Weekender, Iceland

An A-frame building set in a geographically stunning landscape in rural Iceland.

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens @ 105mm. Exposure: 1/50 second @ f11 ISO 100.

Certainly one of the most amazing places I’ve visited, Iceland offers a wealth of opportunities for the enthusiastic photographer.

My first visit, during which time I travelled around the entire island, was in the middle of summer. While that’s the busiest time to visit Iceland, landscape photographer’s do benefit tremendously from the long daylight hours and the extended golden light at that time of year.

This photo, made in the country’s interior, features an A-frame building set within a very dramatic landscape.

Iceland sources over 80% of its electricity from renewable resources. Amazing!

What’s more geothermal projects account for around 25% of the country’s total electricity production. Outstanding! 

As the area I was exploring included quite a bit of geothermal activity, I’m unsure as to whether this structure functions as a house or office.

Unbridled by the facts I’m going to take poetic license and think of it as a weekender, a country retreat if you prefer.

What an Environment

And what a setting for a country retreat. Lush grass and dramatic mountain scenery abound. There’s even a few well fed sheep on hand.

I originally explored a black and white rendering of the image which, with a scene so full of shape and texture, worked very well.

A black and white rendering of the above photo. Which do you prefer?

Realism, Suggestion or Abstraction

However, in this case, I’m confident that the color rendering is superior. I think that’s because the color within the mountainous background helps describe the terrain.

Photography is, after all, all about story telling and we have a choice to make images that either appear realistic, in the way they describe the scene, or are deliberately removed from reality.

Actually I think many of my favorite images straddle the line between these two concepts. Rather than relying on realism or abstraction, they explore suggestion which I feel is a more subtle way of picturing the world around us in line with our own unique vision.

Which do you prefer, the color or black and white version of the scene?

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