Photographing a Rainbow in Melbourne, Australia

Rainbow, Middle Park, Melbourne

Exposure: Nikon D800e camera and Nikon 24-120mm f4 lens @ 46mm, 1/60 second @ f5.6 ISO 400. 

Incredibly luminous conditions prevailed for the minute or so this scene presented itself right by Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne's Middle Park. A storm had just hit and left the sky thick with atmosphere and particulate matter. The brilliance of the warm light was incredibly uplifting and, together with two private students, I jumped out of the car and worked feverishly to make some photos.

Who Doesn’t Love a Rainbow

There’s something very special about rainbows. They are, by nature, transient existing, somehow, between space and time. They are, quite literally, neither here not there. While I understand their existance, temporary as it is, can be explained scientifically I’m much more interested in perceiving the world in other ways.  

Are you, like me, thrilled whenever a rainbow is revealed? It’s one way consciousness is raised or awakened. And that’s what I enjoy the most about photography. You’re very much in the now when you’re making photos, particularly when you put yourself in amazing locations at times of day when light is at it’s most beautiful.

I’II be announcing a special offer for private one-on-one and small group photography classes tomorrow. Feel free to pop back for all the details. 

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru