Computers and Housework

 Angel and Blue Sky, Académie de Poésie et de Musique in Paris, France

I admit it, I've had a difficult week. My computer went down in the early hours of Tuesday morning, immediately after restarting, following an OS-X update. I  was unable to fix the problem (no surprises there), so I took my computer to my friend, David Burren, on Tuesday to take a look at it. No luck, though we were able to do a full backup of all the data, applications and the like that were on the computer.

I then visited the Apple store on Wednesday and was given, what we thought, was the solution. After installing a new hard drive (my computer has two of these) and re-installing all the applications and files I was disappointed to discover more problems. Back to the Apple store on Thursday to see another Genius. Problem solved, though it took quite some time. I've been working with the computer all night and things seem to be back to normal.

A Man Has to Know His Limitations

It's really a great relief and a reminder of just how important computers are to our lives these days. There were so many things that I needed to do but, without a computer, was unable to. I cleaned up a lot of paperwork, emptied a few cupboards, took some clothes to the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence and, when it looked like the problem was not going to be solved quickly, got down to what, other than tax, I like least: housework. That's right folks, that's the kind of week I've had. 

Thanks For All The Fish

I wanted to thank those folks who helped get me out of this dilemma

All 3 guys really went beyond the call of duty to nut this problem out. While the hard drive did need replacing it was one or more of a number of applications that automatically open when the computer starts up that was at fault. Possibly due to a conflict with the latest update to the operating system. After removing them from the start up process the problem appears to be fixed. Fingers crossed.

Photographing From a Bus

To celebrate I wanted to post a nice, bright happy image. The above photo was made, from a moving bus, in Paris, France on the last day of my European photography trip in mid 2011. The trip included Iceland, Greenland (actually in North America), Austria, Russia, Belgium and France. It was an absolute blast and it's rare that I don't end the day with pleasant memories of that trip, prior to heading off to the land of nod for more adventures.

Now that I'm up and running again you can expect loads more content over coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru