Just Released - Photographing Cemeteries eBook

Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition (front cover)

Well, I couldn’t be happier and I just had to share the good news with you. My first commercially available eBook Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition is now available on this site.


In The Spirit Of Ben-Her


Mark my words this eBook was a major undertaking. The fact is I don’t even like using the word eBook in relation to this project. It’s far bigger than that. Three years in the making, involving three overseas expeditions and five continents, there is, literally, hundreds of hours of photo processing, essay writing, editing and design work underpinning the final outcome.

At over 150 pages, and designed around a classic photography coffee table book, I’m able to showcase dozens of beautiful, big images made in cemeteries and related sites around the world.


eBook Contents


While the work is notable for the diversity of locations visited and images produced, the way I’ve varied my approach to photographing and processing each site is worth mentioning. You’ll see photos in black and white and color, but you’ll also see me weave between a relatively straightforward documentary approach and abstraction.

In many cases you’ll see a marrying of reality with the suggestion of things outside of our usual sense of perception. There’s quite a lot of smoke and mirrors, though many of you will be pleased that it’s all been carried out in camera - old school. There’s absolutely no surreal photoshop stuff going on. At the end of the day these images are about beauty, whether grand or sublime, and it’s important not to let so-called technological solutions diminish the vision. Believability is what makes this body of work credible, authentic and real.

The text, constructed around a series of short essays, covers all manner of subjects relating to technique, conceptual development, history and opinion pieces.

Here’s a short video showcasing some of what to expect.

About Me And For You


Most of all the text outlines the journey of a seeker (that would be me) from a life of apathy and procrastination to one of meaning and purpose. And it was photography, and the process of putting this body of work together, that enabled me to understand my place in this world and my true life’s purpose.

On a personal note the process undertaken has been an amazing learning experience. Much of that experience would have remained largely intangible. But my Photographing Cemeteries eBook has allowed me to produce a very real outcome with its very own purpose. This book has the ability to inspire you to undertake your own journey or project, to get off the proverbial treadmill and back onto the right path - the only one you were meant to follow. That’s why I wrote this eBook and that’s why I want you to consider getting a copy for yourself and/or a loved one.


Technical Notes


Camera Kit
All photos in this publication were made on my previous camera, a Canon 5D Mark II. A Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens was used on almost all of the photos.

On the Desktop
Photo processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, with occasion assistance from Google Nik Collection.

The essays were initially written in Text Edit (Apple). Nice and simple!

The text and images were then brought into Pages (Apple) where design, layout and publishing as a PDF were carried out.

Is It The Book For You?
If you love beautiful photography, have an interest in cemeteries, history or travel then you’ll love my eBook. Similarly, if you’re a genuine seeker looking to lead a life of purpose and meaning you’ll find the book thought provoking and inspirational.

Your Turn To Take Action
Regular visitors to this site are always appreciated. I’m always pleased when you comment and, particularly, when you SHARE my posts with a wider community. Buy purchasing my Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transmission, Transformation eBook you now have a further opportunity to support this site. I’d be incredibly grateful and I really believe you’ll find the book to be a very enjoyable, informative and, potentially, life-changing experience.


Go on, you know you deserve it!

Your Friend,

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru