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Learn Photography - Just You and Me

I'm very happy to announce my availability for a range of One-on-One Photography Courses. These courses are tailored to your own specific needs and can involve the following, either individually or in combination:

  • Your Camera and Practical Photography
  • Fill Flash
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Your Upcoming Travels

Practical Photography Courses

These courses usually run for between 3 to 6 hours and can be conducted almost anywhere, depending on what it is we decide to photograph, .

Image processing courses involving software such as the following:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Photoshop CC (i.e., Creative Cloud)

Practical photography and camera familiarization courses are usually conducted on location in the Melbourne CBD, though other options are also possible.

Software courses are usually conducted from my home in Clifton Hill, Melbourne. Where appropriate such classes could also be conducted at your own home or place of work.


When available I can be booked for a day or evening sessions, either weekdays or weekends.


Cost for these special One-on-One classes is normally priced at $110 (incl GST) per hour.

Special Offer 

  • 6 hour session $440 (incl. GST) a saving of $220
  • This could be broken into two separate 3 hour sessions without any extra cost.
  • To avail yourself of this Special Offer please contact me directly HERE.

To contact me to discuss dates, times and content for a single 3 hour private photography session please click HERE


Glenn Guy the Travel Photography Guru (photo by Bill Poon).

Glenn has a special gift as a teacher and facilitator. He gets to the essence of the art of photography. I find his way of critiquing to be thoughtful and to the point. He never pushes his ideas on his apprentices, but leads them to discover the way. I have not seen a Master in the Arcanum who works any harder to provide new content. He is tireless in his passion and engagement.
— Cindy Flood

Glenn Guy is an excellent photography instructor and mentor.  I have had the pleasure of working with him over the past year and he is a continual source of encouragement and inspiration. Glenn's vast knowledge of all things photography from film to digital have been an excellent resource for learning basic art concepts to more complex digital business theories.  While I have dealt with Glenn primarily online through The Arcanum, his sense of humor and kindness seep through the online community and I look forward to someday joining him on one of his many travel excursions in the future.

- Sharlea Taft

Glenn Guy is a first-rate photography teacher and when it comes to online learning I have never come across a more qualified teacher. What he has been able to provide for me these past two years, is an environment for continuous growth in my art.”

”His critiques and challenges have provided me a platform to develop my photography skills both technically and artistically into a new level. Thank you Glenn!
— Vesa Loikas www.vesaloikas.com
“Glenn epitomizes what it is to be a pro photographer. He knows his craft inside-out which makes it such a pleasure to learn alongside him. His passion for photography shines through in these workshops and I’ve learnt so much just by listening to him share his in-depth knowledge on all aspects of photography from gear through to software.”

“Glenn is a brilliant teacher and a super nice guy which makes these workshops so enjoyable to attend. It was also great to meet other people who were at the same stage of learning as myself.

Thanks Glenn!
— Travis White, Melbourne
“A top guru is worth more than top camera gear. Photography is not so much about the camera as about yourself and how you see the world around you. Three years ago I retired from the daily grind, rekindled my interest in photography and made the leap from film to digital. Glenn’s teachings on portrait, street and night photography gave me more than the needed technical skills and the benefit of his experience; they caused me to think about the images I wanted to create. You never stop learning and his website remains on my Favourites Bar for inspiration.”
— Dave Barton, England

I already feel that not only has my photography improved but I am acquiring a new perspective on life and my role as a photographer in the world has been expanded.

- Sirrah Lore

We would like to thank you so much for your time and for sharing your knowledge with us. It was great to meet you and you have helped us so much. We have a lot to revise and practice but now feel more confident we can get some great photos. You have a real talent for teaching, you made everything so clear and easy to understand. We have come away with a new understanding of our camera.

- Marilyn and Jenny, Yarra Valley, Australia

3 Hour Private Photography Class
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Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru