Travel Photography Guru Podcast

Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, pictured with camper van while on tour in Iceland.

Welcome to the Travel Photography Guru Podcast your ideal stopover providing informative discussions on the art of photography.

This is a broad ranging show, with frequently released episodes, covering  a wide range of topics including the following:

Exploring Photography Genres

  • Landscape and Nature photography

  • People photography

  • Architectural photography

  • Night photography

  • Animal and Wildlife photography

The Art Of Photography

  • Composition

  • Light, Color and White Balance

  • The Artists Life

  • Spirituality and Devotion

  • The Masters Of Photography

The Whole Kit And Caboodle

  • Gear, Technique and Workflow

  • Opinion Pieces

With several episodes already recorded look forward to the podcast being released during October 2018.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru

Photographing Cemeteries eBook

I'm excited to announce my very first commercially available eBook Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition

Over three year's in the making this eBook features photographs made on six continents and includes a range of short essays on a wide variety of technical, aesthetic and conceptual ideas.

The most important aspect of the book, other than the beautiful photos, is an examination of the way I photographed each of the sacred sites and how a general documentary approach grew, by answering the creative call, into art.

This eBook is of the highest quality and is underpinned by nearly 40 years experience as a professional photographer. Hundreds of hours and a great deal of expense have been invested into this project. It's  been a wonderful experience which I'd love to share with you.