Photographing Cemeteries eBook

Photographing Cemeteries eBook


I'm excited to announce my very first commercially available eBook Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition

Over three year's in the making this eBook features photographs made on six continents and includes a range of short essays on a wide variety of technical, aesthetic and conceptual ideas.

The most important aspect of the book, other than the beautiful photos, is an examination of the way I photographed each of the sacred sites and how a general documentary approach grew, by answering the creative call, into art.

This eBook is of the highest quality and is underpinned by nearly 40 years experience as a professional photographer. Hundreds of hours and a great deal of expense have been invested into this project. It's  been a wonderful experience which I'd love to share with you. 


For the Artist in Us All

I wrote this eBook for you.

If you feel your life lacks creativity and your photos are without visual impact and emotional connection then I can help.

How's Your Life, Really?

Are you living a busy, complicated yet unfulfilled life?

Have the stresses of our modern world subdued your creative self to such an extent that you've all but lost it - like Peter Pan's shadow.

Do you want to re-connected with your creative self and stopped chasing happiness (overrated) and significance (almost a dirty word). Isn't it time you turned towards a life of purpose and meaning?

The Great Journey Reflected In My Own Personal Journey

Photographing Cemeteries showcases amazing locations around the world. I'm sure you'll love the wide and varied selections of images within the book. A substantial number of bite-size essays covering a wide range of technical, conceptual and opinion pieces illustrate the content rich nature of the book.

Yet, underpinning the whole adventure is the journey of discover I undertook from frustrated individual to creative, meaning seeking soul. As well as providing me with great inspiration and allowing me to develop new approaches for my photography, the process that's taken place over the years has seen me re-emerge with greater clarity and purpose than I've ever had before.

It's been a difficult and, sometimes, torturous process but I've come out the other side on the path that's right for me. I spend my time sharing the beauty of our world and its people, with an ever wider audience, which is what I believe I was supposed to do. Everything else, all the trials and tribulations along the way, have brought me to this place - right here and now. And, I can assure you, that's a pretty good place to be.

You Deserve So Much More

It's my hope that you'll allow the ideas and concepts expressed in this eBook to penetrate your consciousness and motivate you to begin to live a more purpose driven life through a more creative approach to your photography. It worked for me and I know that it can work for you to. Please, join me on the adventure. The greatest one of your life and the one you were always supposed to be on.

Kindest Regards,

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru