Get Past Your Camera to Discover Your Creative Self and Your Life’s Purpose


  Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition  (front cover)

Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition (front cover)

"I put an end to the procrastination and apathy that was determining my existence and took control of my life by unleashing my creative potential, finding meaning and understanding my true purpose in life."

  • Are you a frustrated photographer or armchair traveler?
  • Do you have an interest in unique or exotic locations, but despair at never being happy with the photos you make?
  • Are you sick and tired of experiencing beauty only to be disappointed and discouraged to find your photos bland, lifeless and uninteresting?
  • Would you love a well crafted, thought provoking book illustrated with beautiful images that provided straightforward, actionable approaches to making amazing photos?

How about a book that inspired you and helped set you on the path to undertake your own creative projects?


Imagine how much better life would be once you were in control of your camera and your own true creative self was finally able to emerge. Wouldn’t it be great to stop taking pictures and start making art?


If Your Life is Uncreative Please Read on Carefully!


My name is Glenn Guy and, yes, it’s true...

I put an END to the frustration caused by apathy and learned to use photography creatively to bring greater meaning and purpose into my life. And now I’m enjoying the benefits by sharing my work with a much wider audience and being able to reach out and help ever more people find their own path in life through the art of photography. 

But, let me back up a step...

It wasn’t that long ago that, no matter how hard I worked, life was a struggle and my search for happiness remained unfulfilled.

I worked very hard in both the corporate and education sectors for over twenty years with the assumption that my hard work and dedication would be rewarded. In many ways it wasn’t, nor was my loyalty and genuine customer focus appreciated. More and more I was pushed into activities that were a waste of my time and abilities.


Doing My Job Almost Killed My Creativity


The problem was that the harder I worked to rid myself of the never ending in tray the more work it would attract. I realized that my desire to get it done, at the highest level of quality possible, brought more and more of the same tedium my way. I had become a magnet to the mundane and was my own worst enemy.

  Glenn Guy, one of the first people in Australia to work with the Kodak Photo CD system. Photo from the early 90's.

Glenn Guy, one of the first people in Australia to work with the Kodak Photo CD system. Photo from the early 90's.

The only way I could find time to get on with the projects that really mattered (to me creatively, to our customers and, by extension, to the company’s bottom line) was to work massive amounts of overtime.

In the end I was promoted, and found myself taking on a whole new role, in a dying multinational (i.e., Kodak), while still being expected to do much of what I’d done before.

Needless to say the opportunities to be creative and actually make a difference were further diminished.




The same thing happened in the education sector. You have no idea how hard I worked. In one particular job I doubt I had more than a handful of proper lunch breaks within a twelve year period. With dreadful resources, a toxic work environment and limited severely by the content I was allowed to deliver it was tough to make a difference. But, stubborn by nature, I persisted in the belief that, sooner or later, right would prevail. I’m glad to say that I did make a difference as is evidenced by the work produced by so many of my students.

Glenn Guy, Pangong Tso, India early 90's.

Care Can Come at a Cost


Yet, for all that effort, it was tough to keep my own creativity on track. I’d put so much effort into so many people (you wouldn’t believe the amount of hard luck stories and anxiety a teacher, particularly in the art world, is expected to deal with) but, without support, it’s inevitable that such overwhelming negativity can start to wear you down. My release, as always, had been to travel and photograph.

It’s funny but, when you’re spending so much of your life nurturing other people’s photography, there’s often very little time for you to look after yourself in the same way. And, out of exhaustion and frustration, apathy sets in and you begin to age. Never were my students impacted by this invasion of negativity, but certainly my own life was. And, due to financial pressure, I stopped traveling - for years!


The Life of a Failed Entrepeneur


A factor that contributed to my own lack of creativity was that, while I still rented, I did own an inexpensive investment property in Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsula in south eastern Australia. The problem was that I had inherited a tenant who was unable to pay the rent. I drove down to meet her and decided that I’d do all I could to help her.

But in the end, after being retrenched from my job at Kodak (I’d had my hand up for around a year), I was worried about being able to keep up the payments on the property with a tenant that had also lost her job. What looked like an amazing offer on the property appeared, seemingly, out of the blue. I took it with a measure of relief and went about upgrading my (film) camera kit with new Hasselblad medium format gear and waiting for an opportunity to invest the remaining money from the sale of the property.

And then it happened: a new TV show, Sea Change, hit the airways and really captured the attention of many Aussie baby boomers. Filmed not all that far from Ocean Grove, property prices in the area went through the roof. While I missed out on the proverbial goal mine, I consoled myself with the fact that I did get some new camera gear and still had some money left over to invest.

Puddle, Uluru, Central Australia

New Job and New Opportunities


Soon after I entered the education industry, full time. I’d already been teaching, on a part time basis, for a number of years. I re-invested the remaining profits from the sale of my Ocean Grove property into a house in Alice Springs in the centre of Australia. I had an old school friend who’d had considerable success up there in the property market. He painting such an enthusiastic view of both life and business opportunities up there that I took the plunge and purchased a property.

My friend had offered to look after the property for me. Sadly, in the eight years or so that I owned the property, I only ever had one decent tenant. And they moved on after about a year. In addition to having to cover years of unpaid rent I was forced to cover all manner of repairs resulting from damage inflicted by tenants and undesirables. And then, of course, there’s tradesman.

To pay for this I kept taking on more work, in the end doing up to about 50% more than the average teaching hours proportioned to most university lecturers. What’s more all class preparation and assessment was done in my own time.

Despite all this extra work the relatively meagre wages of a tutor at Tafe level colleges in Australia was far below what was required for me to stay financially afloat. Needless to say all my travel and significant photography projects came to a halt.

I made the mistake of adding to the investment home loan on several occasions and then taking on credit card debt. In the end, after around eight years of struggling to make the payments, the loan and almost doubled to over $170,000 and my credit card debit, despite paying well over $1,000 in interest every month, was over $70,000. I was in deep, but all I could do was to work harder.

In retrospect my problem was that I always assumed the place would be well managed for me (I tried several real estate agents over the years) and that, eventually, decent tenants would come my way. I was naive, even down right stupid!          


I Was Doing All I Could To Make This Albatross Fly


It’s never been my intention to spill my guts in this way. Ultimately, I’m responsible for all that has happened to me. I’ve trusted folks that didn’t deserve to be trusted and I’ve allowed them to continue to manipulate me far beyond the time I first saw the proverbial writing on the wall. It’s my own desire to see the good in all people and, on occasions, my desire to avoid confrontation that’s responsible for so many years of hardship.

I’ll be willing to bet you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about because, chances are, you’ve experienced problems that have held you back from realizing your own potential and stifled your ability to contribute, positively, to the life of others

Now it would be great to think that the ideal job will come along. One where you’re paid well and rewarded for your hard work and innovation. And to work in a well managed business that’s underpinned by a sound culture, where the focus is really on people. Wow! wouldn’t that be something? But, at the end of the day, that’s not the world most of us are likely to find ourselves in.

Ultimately, change comes from within and, as I like to say, to change the world you first need to change yourself. If we’re truly centered and on course opportunities will come our way. More importantly, this clarity of focus, together with the lessons learned thus far, will allow us to make better decisions that will guide us along the right path, the one that’s been made for us and the only road that really matters. 


It Was Time To Take Matters Into My Own Hands


Clearly I was NEVER going to get anywhere if I relied on other people to solve my problems and put my life back on track. Over the years many of the places I’ve worked in have been afflicted by a toxic culture where incompetence and bureaucracy reign supreme. I’ve done my best to protect and assist colleagues who were unorganized, frightened and overly competitive and to plead for a more understanding and co-operative workplace. For the most part I failed. I’m no Florence Nightingale and some folks just don’t want to be helped. I realized that, despite my best efforts, I would not be allowed to make the kind of difference to people’s lives that I believe I was born to.

The solution came when I was pushed out of the education industry. And what a relief! Just like my days in the corporate world at Kodak my own stubbornness had caused me to stay in that industry far longer than was healthy for me to have done so. Of course I believed the problems associated with the house in Alice Springs caused me to hang on far longer than I should have. But it’s also possible that, subconsciously, I was using the house as an excuse not to change by life for the better. It would have meant selling the house before the market had peaked, but then I’d have got my life back years sooner than I finally did.

The amazing thing was that once I left the education industry, forcing me to offload the Alice Springs property, I couldn’t have been happier. The house sold in around a week and, once settlement came through, I immediately went about settling all my debts. Within a few days I was off to Antarctica, on tour, as a photography tutor.

Glenn Guy and friends, South Georgia Island. photo by David Burren

There wasn’t enough money left over to try the property market again, but that was fine as I’d been rotating over hot coals for far too long as it was. I wanted my life back and I was going to take it.

Blogging had become a passion over recent years and had allowed me to discuss my approach to photography. I decided that my future would still be as an education provider, but this time it would largely be internet based. I would work tirelessly for two years, as my knowledge of building websites was non-existent, to create a world class site that would make a real difference to the lives of good folk all around the world.

Just Look At The Results I Achieved!


Well, two years became three, and I’m still going. I’ve learned a lot and really love what I do. The site’s not yet where I wanted it to be, but it’s close and I’m already thinking and planning beyond my initial vision. It’s brought meaning and purpose back into my life. And, best of all, it’s allowed me to travel again, to photograph the beauty of our world and its people and share that with an ever wider audience.

Since leaving the world of the eighty hour week behind I’ve traveled extensively. South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, Antarctica; China, India, Thailand and Bali; Iceland, Greenland, Russia, Austria, France and Belgium; and, finally, New Zealand. These trips have provided great fodder for my website and blog and many amazing experiences that have enriched my life.

And, as they say, the rest is history... 

Have the long hours diminished? No, but it rarely seems like work. While they’ve been a lot of frustrations associated with working with site design and code, which remains largely beyond my expertise, I’ve been able to create a life of meaning and purpose. In that regard I’ve already succeeded.

Money has never been a priority in my life. While I believe I will, eventually, see financial success it’s never been the reason why I do what I do. When I’m not traveling I work from home creating quality content and learning skills appropriate to what I want to do. In many ways it’s a dream come true.


Now My Purpose Has Been Redefined


"To help folks rid their lives of apathy and procrastination and, by doing so, tap into their own creative nature by walking the path they were born to."


I’ve been working towards eBooks for several years. But, like my blog, I’m not interested in the purely technical aspects of photography. That’s just such a limiting approach, and there’s far more to a great photograph than technique. I found myself writing more and more about elements of composition, which folks seem to enjoy. It’s important, yet it’s only the beginning of breaking away from the bounds of conformity into your own creative space.

That’s when I realized that I no longer had to hint at the notions of creativity and spirituality (I don’t mean religion, but it’s okay if it makes you happy to read it that way) that largely underpin my own work. It was time to bring those elements forward so that they played an equal role with composition and the fundamental technical aspects of photography. And eBooks were the perfect way by which I could work through a whole range of concepts and approaches that were beyond the limitations of a single blog post.

And, after all, what kind of a person would I be knowing how frustrating my own life has been, existing outside of my true creative nature, if I didn’t try to help fellow sufferers discover their own creative path?

And that’s how this eBook came about. I didn’t go out specifically to create an eBook on Cemeteries. Rather, while sorting through images from trips over recent years, I began to find connection forming within the sequences of images I’d made in Cemeteries around the world. I then began to write essays specific to the locations photographed and discussed the techniques and mindset that underpinned the approach I made to making the photos. An extra set of short essays, dealing with the creative process, were then weaved through the eBook to produce the final, cohesive product.

Photographing Cemeteries - Transience, Transformation, Transition 

Angel, Melbourne Cemetery, Australia

This is a unique publication designed for the thinking traveler and for photographers seeking inspiration and creative means by which their own photography can transcend the process of merely documenting the world around them and become art.

Designed and crafted with great care this eBook is reminiscent of classic coffee table books adorning the shelves of discerning art lovers.

Cemeteries are powerful places, evoking emotion and helping to preserve history. Each of the cemeteries featured in this eBook has been approached, in camera and on the desktop, in a variety of ways that document and explore my own, individual experience of these iconic sites.

The photographs work on a variety of levels:

  • They illustrate the locations visited and showcase the techniques, concepts and ideas explored throughout the text.
  • Sequenced into collections they stand as individual works of art, in their own right.
  • The variety of images and they way they have been Photographed and reproduced adds visual variety enhancing the reader’s experience through different levels of engagement.


"The effort, cost and time that underpins this project is enormous. The result speaks for itself. I couldn’t have worked harder and I’m over the moon with the result."


"That’s why I’m happy to offer and stand behind this product with my 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.”


Praise for Glenn from Satisfied Customers


Prior to releasing this eBook I sent it out on a test drive to a small, select bunch of folks around the world. They are all keen photographers, some of them very creative by nature. And, to my delight, folks that have read the eBook are over the moon with the content and quality of the images. 

By the look of their responses, creativity is blossoming. Take a look at just a few of comments I’ve received ...


Your Photographing Cemeteries ebook is a singularly remarkable work which I’m sure is destined to become a classic of its kind. The title guru is well deserved.

Julie J. Richmond, Australia 


"I must say I was curious to hear about your new eBook Photographing Cemeteries and thought I'd give it a go. I'm neither a professional photographer nor an aficionado of cemeteries, but they've always fascinated for me. Like you, I enjoy exploring them when I travel. It's interesting how they vary from country to country.

I have an old Nikon D70 camera and I learned more about photography from your book than in all the years I've had that camera. The proof's in the pudding, but I look forward to trying out some of your tips on future cemetery visits.

Your photos are really quite spectacular, particularly the ones with all those crazy reflections. I must admit I flicked through the pictures first and assumed that there must have been a lot of photoshopping going on. It was quite a surprise to discover that you seemed to create all these amazing pictures in the camera without any computer shenanigans.

This is a book I can see myself coming back to again and again, both for the amazing photos and also for your essays which were really quite thought provoking.

I look forward to your next eBook. Please let me know as soon as it becomes available.

I feel like you've taken me on a journey around the world with these amazing photos.

Micky G. Gold Coast, Australia


Your photos are amazing. I just couldn’t get my head around how you made a lot of them. I was skeptical, thinking they must have been heavily worked over in photoshop. What a surprise when you explained how you made them with your camera. Gives me hope and a lot of ideas that will improve my own photography.   

Ross L. Mooralla, Australia


Wow! Congratulations on a truly stunning accomplishment Glenn. Do you realize you’ve created something of a masterpiece which, by all rights, should be published as a large, lavishly produced coffee table book.

I spend a lot of time immersed in scripts (TV and motion picture), at a quite forensic level. When it comes to narrative, motif and plot development clarity is essential. It was clear, from the get go, that you’ve spent a lot of time writing and then finessing each of the essays within your book. They are short, sharp and very compelling. Deep, on occasions provocative and, when you least expect it, downright funny. It’s amazing how well you’ve blended all manner of (very practical) technical topics together with information about the cemeteries visited, and the graves you’ve photographed, in a way that chronicles your own journey.

Like so many great films this book is a road movie taking us on a journey from your childhood to your early years in photography and through the numerous adventures that culminated in the amazing pictures in your book. I love it and whole heartedly recommend it to photographers, travelers and anyone who enjoys a good read - the kind of one that makes you think on your own life, where you come from and where you are going.     

Richard Gray, Director. Hollywood, USA


Your ebook is just amazing. The photos are incredible and the stories you tell are heartwarming. You make me want to pick up my camera and start traveling the world, just like you do. What a life you’ve made for yourself. 

Sally Zhang. Chengdu, China


Dear Glenn,

While I have not yet read the whole book, it is obvious that you have put in a huge amount of effort into this project and I congratulate you on a well written and executed manuscript .

I have written the following comments which you can modify if you wish .

As an avid amateur photographer I was lucky to find a unique mentor. I have known Glenn Guy for over 25 years and have attended his photography classes and excursions on many occasions. When the professional touch was required, however, I could always rely on Glenn to be the willing and helpful guru. 

As a teacher Glenn’s gifted an easy style of communication allows him to impart the knowledge and story at the students' level of understanding. This is a rare and much appreciated gift.

Reading this book was a pleasure for me. There are no didactic facts to learn here. Glenn bears his soul, passion and knowledge in an art form that is easy to assimilate. His abundant knowledge, experience and art shine through.

Cemeteries can be dull and serious places but Glenn elevates and emphasizes the art, beauty and humanity within this subject. Colour and Black and White play easily here to reflect more than just the prevailing mood at the time and place.

Readers would be well advised to read the whole text rather than just glance through the photographs . The background, motivation as well as the explanations and philosophy behind the pictures and the man are heartwarming, deep and second to none.

This book is easy to read and navigate. The writing style is uncomplicated and reveals the working mind of Glenn Guy the professional photographer. I recommend this book to all.

Dr. Ashley Granot. East Malvern, Australia


Fantastic photos and a great read. This is my new, favourite ebook. And I’ve bought a lot of them. I’ve just finished it and, after a walk to take it all in, I think I’II go back to the beginning and have another run through. It’s just that good.

Kurt. Stuttgart, Germany


Madonna and Child, Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

And Now I’d like You to Share in and Benefit from my Experience


The fact that folks are actually taking the time to provide feedback is fantastic. The fact that it’s so positive and heartfelt is incredibly gratifying.

And now it’s Your turn

The depth and sincerity of this feedback confirms, in my own mind, the value of this information. I’m now more motivated than ever for it to reach as many folks as possible and I want you to to benefit from my story and to find the photos inspiring and the ideas and concepts covered compelling.

This eBook will make you want to get up and get outside to face the world with more vitality and purpose, to see the world around you in a different light and to approach your photography in a more creative manner. The result: a more purpose driven and meaning rich life.


Just Take a Look At Everything You Get!


Here’s a look at the major chapter titles in the index:

Table of Contents

Dedication    5

Technical Notes    7

Preface    10

The Project    11

What and Why we Photograph?    19

Statues    26

Facing South    34

Journey into Abstraction    41

Art for Art’s Sake    54

Photographing Peace and Solitude    75

Taking Action to Overcome Fear    87

Requiem    93

A Uniquely Russian Experience    102

Photographing Sacred Places    113

The Moment Between Events    118

What It Is To Be Human    130

The Ultimate Bureaucrat    137

Conclusion    145

Acknowledgements    150

About the Author    151

Join the Community    153

Colophon    154

What’s a more Purpose Driven, Meaning Rich Life Worth to You?


If you’ve been unsuccessfully chasing the dream of happiness or significance for so long you’ll know what so-called solutions cost. Perhaps, like me, you’ve laid out big bucks for motivational CD’s and the like with little if anything to show for it but a dent in your bank account.

Of course you could always try to come up with your own solution, but why would you invest that much time, money and energy when I’ve done all the hard work for you?

In fact there would be very few people who’d be prepared or able to invest the amount of time, money and work I’ve put into creating the Photographing Cemeteries - Transition, Transcendence, Transformation eBook. And it’s unrealistic to expect that you should.

But I’m no guru, despite the name of my site, and I’m not promising happiness (overrated) or significance (almost a dirty word from my point of view). I just want to share with you how I found my way out of a most unsatisfying life, through the art and process of photography. While travel was a major aspect in where I photographed, it was a change in mindset that underpinned my creative approach and put me on the path I needed to be on. And, in doing so, changed my life.

So, for under $20, I’m going to help you access a most powerful force that’s likely been laying dormant within you for years, possibly since childhood. It’s your own true creative self. The real you that you need to re-discover and share with the world. I firmly believe that, in doing so, it will help liberate you from negativity and allow you to find your true life’s purpose. 

I don’t see this as a cost, but as an investment. And I’m sure you will to.



PLUS... Order TODAY, and I’ll Include 3 Special Bonuses, Valued at over $100,


I so much want you to succeed that I’ve produced extra content, just for you.

If you ACT NOW and claim your copy of my Photographing Cemeteries eBook I’ll include a number of FREE bonuses that will add further value to the eBook and clarify the journey I took, through photography, that helped change my life.

These bonuses include...

Super Bonus #1: 

An online tutorial where I talk you through the process I undertook to both envisage, in my mind’s eye, the final results I was producing while making the photos.

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Super Bonus # 2: 

A special essay where I outline the process of putting the eBook together and discuss the lessons learned in that process.

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Super Bonus #3: 

An invitation to a feedback session where some of the folks who have purchased this eBook have an opportunity to send one of their own photos from a cemetery or related topic (e.g., funeral) in for a group feedback session. Whether you submit a photo or not, you still have the opportunity to access the feedback session. 

(A $27 Value, Yours FREE!)


            - - That’s $101 of extra Value, Yours Free - -


But Only If You Act Now!

I’m proud to offer you my latest eBook, Photographing Cemeteries - Transition, Transformation, Transience. I’ve poured a great deal of time, effort and money into its production. Crafted to the highest standards, and underpinned by a lifetime of experience, I’m confident you’ll find it a rewarding and inspiring read.

I can assure you that great care and an enormous amount of time and money has gone into producing this eBook. I made the best photographs I could, in camera, and then applied the workflow that’s taken me years to perfect to ensure as much of the luminance, detail and color of the final image has been maintained.

The text has been crafted in such a way that I am as proud of it as I am of the photographs that underpin this work. Great effort went into writing and finessing each individual essay and editing the book in such a way where the content, from photo to photo and from essay to essay, flows in as natural a way as possible. 

Tears for the lost, La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Purchase From My Site Without Risk,
 Thanks To My Money Back Guarantee!


I firmly believe that the quality and the beauty of this eBook is of the highest standard, and it’s important that you feel good about your purchase.

That’s why I guarantee the quality and authenticity of every item I sell!

If you’re not absolutely satisfied with this eBook, for any reason, please contact me within seven (7) days of receiving it, and I’ll be happy to issue you a refund of the advertised cost. All I ask is that, as part of any refund process, you provide a few short sentences of feedback explaining why you’re returning the product. I ask this to protect me from spam-like transactions and to help ensure that future products fit the needs of my audience.

Many websites take a “buyer beware” attitude and avoid standing behind their products. That’s just not who I am, nor the person I was brought up to be. I want you to be happy with what you purchase and I want you to continue to buy from me into the future. As such, the quality and usefulness of this product, as much as any other I produce, will determine my future. I have to get it right, for both our sakes.

So, to remove ALL the risk from your purchasing decision, I invite you to acquire this eBook with the security of my 100% money back guarantee

What’s more, just so there’s no hard feelings, I’ll let you access the free bonuses as a thank-you gift. After all, you gave me a chance to try and help. Why should you be punished?



Finally, the Inspiration You Need to UnTap Your Own Creative Self


Are you ready to put and END to the lack of focus, drive and apathy that have stifled your creativity for so long?

To free yourself of doubt and fill your life with purpose and meaning and give you the confidence to join me and help heal the world, one photo at a time.

Claim your copy of Photographing Cemeteries - Transition, Transformation, Transience right now and be on your way to a more rich and fulfilling life.

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Kindest Regards,

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru