Travel Photography Guru Studio and Teaching Space


Glenn Guy, the Travel Photography Guru, and python at a zoo in beautiful Bali, Indonesia.

The Esplanade, Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068, Australia


Located just off Heidelberg Road and alongside Merri Creek.

Close to Queens Parade and Hoddle Street.  

Clifton Hill Railway Station is a 10-15 minute walk. If that's too much, I'd be happy to pick you up there.


When not traveling I usually work from home. Clifton Hill is an inner city Melbourne suburb. I live in a quite street, directly across the road from Merri Creek. A short walk along a bike path takes me to Dights Falls where Merri Creek flows into the Yarra River. From there I can continue along the bike path all the way into Southgate. To reach the centre of town I only have to cross the road twice, the rest of the journey follows the water with lush green surroundings all the way.

Perhaps you're interested in considering a private, one-to-one photography class.

By the way, I'm quite terrified of snakes.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru