Landscape Photography Portfolio

Welcome to my Landscape Photography Portfolio. This area of the Travel Photography Guru site showcases many of my favorite landscape photos made in many countries and on six continents. To view the photos, nice and big, simply click on the first thumbnail image from the sequence below to enlarge it and then use the left and right arrows to move from one photo to the next. When you're finished simply click the 'X' key at the top right of the screen to return back to this page.

Feel free to drop back regularly and take a moment now to share the beauty of our natural world by clicking on one of the social links below.

New Photos Cowing Soon

The portfolio, which will be added to frequently, includes photos from Bali, New Zealand, Antarctica, Iceland and Greenland.

Back to the Archives

A longer term project is to include film based images from my extensive archive. As I've been photographing for a considerable amount of time a lot of my portfolio images are film based. It's a huge job to scan and process those images and, as a result, they'll be added to the site over the medium term. Frankly, many of the scans completed back in the day just aren't up to today's standards.

I must say that I'm thrilled by the opportunity to be able to share many of my favorite film (transparency and negative) based images with you over time. You can look forward to an extensive collection of photos from India, Sri Lanka, China (including Tibet), Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Australia being added over time. 

The most exciting thing is that every time you return there's a chance that my Landscape Photography Portfolio will include some new arrivals. It'll be like that packet of biscuits (i.e., cookies) that magically refills itself.

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru